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  1. Did not add the stiffeners yet I will look at them online and perhaps do that as well so far I am pleased with performance and gas mileage I seem to get close to 50 mpg i like the tank a lot it went on with no fuss and does not need any modification of the bike to work
  2. oh yeah forgot the WRP rack on the back, had to struggle a bit to get it right, grinding some off for the helmet lock, but it looks pretty nice
  3. As I indicated, I am taking things slow here, thought I would review what I have done so far. I put on the Seat Concepts seat kit, this went pretty well as I had done one before, stapling the sides was a pain as they cloth was a bit short and hard to reach in due to the plastic shape. I bought and added an adjustable link and kickstand from Soupy's and this went ok, I did have to grind a bit off the threaded ends as the device as shipped would not allow me to adjust to near stock height and I wanted only a minimum of lowering. I desnorkled the box and took off the smog pump using the blocking kit I bought online. The plug provided was too small but a furniture plug from the hardware fit perfectly. I decided on the Clarke tank and bought it for $240. if went on easily and looks good. I had previously drilled out the enrichment plug to lower the backfire and adjusted accordingly, I have not yet rejetted (Dave's Mod) or otherwise but will go a while as is. That's about it for now she is
  4. Thanks for that, yes I will wait to "de snorkle" until I rejet the carb, or go flat slide
  5. What exactly does one do to "de snorkle" the bike? pardon my ignorance
  6. the pictures look like they were before you redid the rear fender, I would be interested in seeing the after version, that white fender is ugly
  7. Thanks all for this info, I road the bike yesterday (pavement ride with a buddy who no longer can do dirt) about 200 mi. felt great to get out there again! I know I will make use of the suggestions you have provided
  8. I notice most guys do not seem to put luggage racks on, I am sure this saves weight, What is the best rear platform for the bike to have a tie on spot for a bag?
  9. Nice, looks pretty stock otherwise. No bash plate, no problems? I looked over some youtube stuff on the tanks, the big Acerbis seems like it might interfere with the inframe oil filler. Anyone have experience with that one? 5.8 gal would be nice but at what cost?
  10. Thanks for all the input, I will wade in slow, but am certain I will use this info. Any major opinions on the right fuel tank? The puny stocker has got to go.
  11. Thanks onekidneywonder I just ordered the kit! and great stuff eldorado650 I will consider all these mods, although I will probably wait to open the tranny until I need to. Is there any benefit to adding teeth to the rear or reducing in the front to aid in the grunt factor for 2nd gear?The subframe crack is scary, I will look into the bars! Clarke or Acerbis? the Acerbis says it goes on without having to eliminate the body plastic.
  12. I am the proud owner of a new XR650L I want to outfit my bike for some adventure rides. I am looking for proven "good stuff" to upgrade the bike. In time (when they wear out) I will change the sprockets as the gearing seems a bit tall to me. I immediately want a bigger tank, but with the least fuss in changing. I surely need a good bash plate. I am vertically challenged so a little lowering might be good if done without suspension sacrifice. (my seat kit may give me an inch) How about the damn smog pump? I understand there is a bypass kit, where do I get it? Some type of racks and bags for sure, but I love the light weight of the bike, any lightweight options here? so far all I have purchased is a seat concepts kit I will install to help my old man ass out a bit. What else do you recommend? Thanks, Les in Tucson