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  1. I just got my 18 500 back in December. Already put on a FMF 4.1 pipe, de-smogged, reeds removed, front and rear sprockets, and Vortex. OMG this is the bike I have always wanted. These things are so chocked up from the factoy!
  2. No suggestions huh??? Thinking I will probably just drop the main jet to a 145 - 150. Maybe drop the pilot to a 40? Leave NCYR needle alone on clip 2?
  3. Already have the R&D flexjet fuel screw installed. I know the main is going to need to be changed. Looking for opinions on Main Jet, Needle position, and pilot jet.
  4. I will be traveling to Ouray, CO later this summer with the DRZ to ride mountain passes. I currently have the TT FCR-MX carb on the bike and below are the current settings. I live in IL at about 800' elevation. Looking for advice on what to change as far as jetting goes. Ouray is 7,792' and the passes are 13,000' Appreciate any input. Thanks! Stock motor, FMF Powercore 4 fexhaust and powerbomb header, 3x3 mod. Will probably run the silencer/spark arrestor out there. Currently it is removed. - 200 Main Air Jet - 160 Main Jet - 42 Pilot Jet - 100 Pilot Air Jet - NCYR Needle 2nd clip - Fuel screw 1 turn out
  5. Just installed a 42 pilot and a NCYR needle. WOW!!! She is running like a top! That snap! The low end hesitation is gone and getting some popping on decel now. Pulls hard all the way to the limiter. Instant grin! Here are my final setting. Thanks again for all the input, I appreciate it. - 200 Main Air Jet - 160 Main Jet - 42 Pilot Jet - 100 Pilot Air Jet - NCYR Needle 2nd clip - Fuel screw 1 turn out Safety wired AP (o-ring mod)
  6. When I lean out the fuel screw (1/2 turn out from closed) I just start to get a little popping in decel. So with 2 turn out I am rich and have no popping on decel.
  7. Honestly it is probably closer to 0. Super light steady throttle. Give it a little more and she is fine.
  8. Thanks. I will go ahead and order a 42 pilot. When it comes in I will check the float level but I was pretty gentle with the carb. If all looks good I will throw the 42 pilot in and go from there.
  9. I am running the EMN needle 3rd clip. With 2 turns out on the fuel screw I get absolutely no popping on deceleration. At 1/2 turn out on the fuel screw I am now just starting to get a little popping on decel. So I believe I am to rich. I do not believe the idle is to high either. o-ring mod was done with safety wire. Bike has no bog and feels strong everywhere in the throttle. Cruising at very light throttle is where i get the hesitation.
  10. EMN needle 3rd clip. It is at very light steady throttle only. 0 - 1/4 steady throttle
  11. Steady throttle.
  12. I just recieved and installed my TT FCR kit on my 2007 DRZ400S. Everything went smooth and fit well. Bike runs fantastic except there is a 0-1/4 throttle hesitation. Below are my mods and jetting info. Stock motor 3x3 FMF Powercore 4 w/ FMF powerbomb header. Open, no spark arrestor. 800' Above sea level. - 200 Main Air Jet - 160 Main Jet - 45 Pilot Jet - 100 Pilot Air Jet - EMN Needle 3rd clip - Fuel screw 2 turns out Safety wired AP (o-ring mod) I believe the pilot is rich. Started with fuel screw at 2 turns. Kept leaning it out to where it is now. I am 1/2 turn out on the fuel screw and the hesitation is much better, but still there. I can also completely close the fuel screw and bike will stay running fine. I know that they say to keep the PAJ in the newer carbs. I left the 100 in. The picture in the TT install guide is a little confusing. It says it is a 200 PAJ and to leave it in. Searched and could not even find a 200 PAJ.......... I've also read that guys leave the 100 PAJ in and go to a 42 pilot. I'm thinking this is my best bet as I believe the pilot circuit is to rich with the 100 PAJ and 45 pilot. Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated. I will say this......... Night and day!!! This bike should have come with an FCR on it from the factory.
  13. Does the Unibiker radiator guards work with the Acerbis 3.7 tank? Really like the tank but don't want to give up my radiator guards. Thanks!