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  1. My first bike was a CRF 70. Learned on that then I moved up to a TTR 125 LE and upgraded it and had tons of fun. Im now looking at new bikes as I want to start going to the track to ride. I usually ride in my woods by my house which is around a neighborhood so if possible would like not to be too loud and cause disturbance. I am now 17 years old 6 2 160 pounds and looking for a new bike. My question is would a 2 stroke 125 be better or a 250 4 stroke be better for me. My friend is selling his 2011 KX 250f for 2500 with title and fresh top end rebuild by the shop just needs tires an also comes with a powercore 4 exhaust. I know he takes care of his bikes and all but was just wondering if I should look to rebuild a 2 stroke as it may be cheaper and I hear it is much better to learn on and may be quieter than a 250 for my neighborhood use. I would like to stay around 2000$ budget if possible. Thanks for your help in advance.