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  1. Bikedad1.. Thanks, thats what I needed to hear. Gonna break back into this carb and figure it out. I'll post my findings. However, so far I attempted carb cleaner on the carb and screwed some things up. Bought a new rebuild kit (this crap is getting expensive), now I have more jets and parts than I know what to do with. I will win this battle. New problems coming soon...
  2. Thanks for the help. Ohio.. I agree with the valve issue however when I bought the bike first thing I did was take it into the shop and have the valves checked and a full look over since I'm pretty new to the dirt bike world. I changed back to the stock setting because I'm at 2200 ft alt and it didn't seem to me the adjustments needed to be that drastic. Ossagp.. you're probably right with the inexperience. Talked to the Honda dealer here in Lancaster, will most likely bring it in to him to have to rebuilt again. Thanks Krannie, looks like I might save this one for someone who knows what they are doing.
  3. Need some help... Bought a 2005 CRF450X this past summer and it ran great for the first 5 or so rides. After a reasonably short distance into a ride with my son the bike just died. After about 20 minutes of effort she started back up only to die within 5 minutes of riding, I'd get about 5 mins into each ride and the bike would back fire and die then not start up until about 15 to 20 mins of cool time. After speaking with a buddy he suggested it was running too lean and to rebuild the carb. So, I bought the rebuild kit, replaced all the parts. During the break down process I noted the turns on the pilot screw were 4 1/2 turns from fully seated (the manual calls for 1 1/4) and the jet needle clip position was on the 4th position from the top (manual calls for the 2nd). I also noticed the slow air jet was not installed. Durning the build process I blew out all the jets with high pressure air, used the manual's suggested turns on the pilot screw, placed the jet needle clip on the 2nd position from the top and installed the slow air jet that came in the rebuild kit, replaced all the gaskets/rings, and put the bike back together. Now.. the bike will only start and run with the choke pulled, once the choke is pushed in the bike dies. So far I have only adjusted the idle. Suggestions? Thanks