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  1. That's what I was hoping to hear because by my pictures I'm pretty sure somebody else would notice if they're petcock was laying on the cylinder LOL Clark ended up making me Fork out the shipping to send my brand new tank back to them so they could verify that it's not correctly fitting it should be arriving there any day now hopefully this is the end of it and they just give me my money back plus the shipping but with the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to stick the shipping on me extra 30 some-odd dollars on top of my 250 I already spent on my brand new unusable tank
  2. Lol i thought my problems were over but I'm still getting the runaround just gas tanks com me they would just replace the tank but not pay for the $80 shipping to send it back even though this is no way my fault the tank does not fit my bike so I'm back arguing with Clarke they're supposed to call me tomorrow or I'm going to call them we'll see what happens first I will not let this thread die without revealing the outcome wish me luck I can't believe I ordered the gas tank for Christmas and I'm still doing with her at least I found a tank on Craigslist that I can use for now
  3. Check and make sure your choke plate didn't break in half and get sucked into your motor that's about the same time it happened to me
  4. Alright I got some good news I finally talked to Dan at just gas tanks com and he assured me they will do whatever it takes to make it right so I decided on trying to acerbis tank because it's the only one I can find on the internet with clear views of the petcock LOL and it appears to have tons of clearance I don't know what was with all the other people I talk to at just gas tanks but that's in the wash now they told me to go ahead and make a new order for the tank they will charge my credit card and when they receive the old tank they will credit me I hope this helps anybody with any future purchase plans for your pig I'll post pics as soon as I get my new tank
  5. Thank you babywolf your bike is super nice also and im super jealous of your magic button even though these bikes are surprisingly easy to start sometimes it would be nice
  6. it was a sunny afternoon a few seasons passed when i first laid my eyes on her lol i traded a military truck for it a coup yeas ago got it basicly stock excepted some nice protapers a bad chain bald tire and a brittle air filter lol but it was so pretty and it started right up it had sooo much power the sprocket couldn't even contain it (or the very bad chain) lol but it wasn't all good times after a good couple months of flawless fun she died in the middle of a easy ride i was surprised how light it felt as i push it the 2mi back to the car and trailer till about the 3rd sandy wash crossing then she was like i've been married to her for 20 year she got heavy quick when i got home i pulled the spark plug and it was squished like it got smacked with a hammer i was like wtf upon further inspection i had 3 bent valves and a few dents in the combustion chamber i replaced the valves cleaned the chamber up now she runs like new !!!!!! very important if you have a stock choke you should stop what you are doing and go inspect it right now !!!!!!!!! the choke plate broke in half and got sucked in and its common enough for me to be able to find multiple forms on it (after it broke) lol they even sell beefed up replacements i opted to just removed mine after that nightmare everything was great again we would terrorize the city by night and explore trails by day then a few blissful months later i got home from work and headed into the garage to take her out to check the trueness of the front wheel that's what i tell the cops when i get caught doing wheelies it was like a murder scene their was gass everywhere the gas tank split in 3 different places i didn't even have a valve on the cap just hose so after lots of crying and cleaning here i am today currently going threw gas tank problems but till that all gets figured out i found a xr400 tank for $50 so we're pretty much as happy as before just in shorter intervals
  7. made some ghetto spacers to move it back and a [shop rag]! to lift the rear now the petcock and forks clear i think its off a 94 xr400 lol i was desperate doesn't look good but at least i can ride till i get my new tank figured out
  8. hey hows it going dan glendale az
  9. update, clarke has basically said they don't make mistakes and i need to deal with the people i purchased it from and i have contacted justgastanks.com 3 times talked to 3 different people wich all said they woud call back i will call agin today... on a plus side i found a xr400 tank on craigslist so i can ride till this is figured out just will have to make a couple extra gas stops lol
  10. at the base of the filter next to oring the plastic gets bigger and was too big for the clarke but easily fit the stocker i didn't take a pick of the petcock lol but it was oe
  11. LOL I thought you were joking about the rag and it's just frustrating because I usually do things on the cheap and buy used stuff the one new thing I buy that everyone raved about that it fits so well I'm having so many problems with also sorry if I'm being ignorant but I don't understand your abbreviations
  12. So I guess I can chop it up to false advertisement because it definitely does not fit with the stock petcock I gess and even if I grind it it will still be right next to the Head I live in Arizona 110 + weather it's not going to cause any vapor lock issues
  13. Yep I even tried to add some extra material to raise the rear of the tank but the front of the tank is already touching the oil stick so it can't pivot