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  1. eaglesomme

    Grinding noise xr250r

    Ok I'll check out the cam chain tension. I doubt it has anything to do with the drive chain as it's still makes the noise when in neutral and furthermore the sound appears to be coming from the engine top end.
  2. eaglesomme

    Loose Tank Fix

    I got my tank held on with a new OEM rubber strap and it's tight and. Was almost impossible to get on.
  3. eaglesomme

    Grinding noise xr250r

    Recently my xr250 has started to make a weird grinding vibration noise from the top end of the engine when revving to high rpm.It does this in gear and in neutral. I can't hear the sound at all when idling or lightly riding around, just when taking off fast. I have tried changing the oil but it's still making the noise. Anyone have any idea what it might be?
  4. eaglesomme

    Flag or Wrap Around

    Always use wrap around. Flag styled ones are useless apart from maybe a twig or two. The flag style ones also constantly snap.
  5. eaglesomme

    Why do we need spark arrestors?

    That's a complete lie dude. I live in Australia and you definitely legally are supposed to have a spark arrestor.
  6. eaglesomme

    Will this exhaust fit?

    I ended up forking out for postage and bought the Xrsonly exhaust slip on. At a later date I will also buy their header.
  7. eaglesomme

    Will this exhaust fit?

    Spend it and bend it?
  8. eaglesomme

    Need help with xr100 conversion to cdi

    I would probably get the CDI from a newer crf100f as the xr100 are very similar to them.
  9. eaglesomme

    Need help with xr100 conversion to cdi

    Why do you want to change it to CDI?
  10. eaglesomme

    How to push brake pistons back in?

    Ok late update but I did manage to push it back in. I ended up using a c clamp and it worked great. Before I was trying to use a multi grip and it wasn't budging. I believe this was because I wasn't apply force directly down with the multigrip. With the C clamp I was able to push it straight down and not sideways.
  11. eaglesomme

    Will this exhaust fit?

    How so? From what I've seen the OEM exhaust seem to be very similar shape.
  12. eaglesomme

    Xr250 headers sizes

    Are the headers for all xr250 years the same? I see on xrsonly there is only one exhaust header available and it is compatible with all years. If I buy just the slip on until I have enough money for the Xrsonly header will the Xrsonly muffler fit on the stock header?
  13. eaglesomme

    Will this exhaust fit?

    I see they have three different tip options for my bike, a disc, turn down and a cone tip. Will there be any different in sound and performance between the three styles?
  14. eaglesomme

    Will this exhaust fit?

    This fmf slip-on exhaust says it will fit a 1996-2004 xr250. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/fmf-powercore-4-slip-on-exhaust-honda-xr250r-1996-2004 But my question is would it fit my 1990 XR250R If there actually a difference in exhaust dimensions? I ask this because I am having a very hard time finding a model specific exhaust for my XR and I want it to be as bolt on as possible.
  15. So on every video I see everyone just pries the brake pads with a screwdriver and the piston just slides back in. Formme this is not the case and the piston won't budge. Does anyone have any methods/tips for me to try?