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  1. Did you check the float valve seat when installing the new float valve? There could be old crap stuck up in there that is preventing the new valve from seating fully. One thing to try is when you have the carb off is take off the bowl but leave the float on. You can blow air using your mouth through the fuel line and use your finger to lift and lower the float. You should be able to blow some air through when the float is lowered but not at all when the float is lifted.
  2. You might need to either adjust the float level or more likely need to clean or replace the float valve. It sounds like the carb float is not fully closing the valve... could be debris blocking the valve or the rubber might be cracked and old. Not sure what the crf carb looks like but also check that the vent and overflow tubes are connected properly. I had the same issue with my xr250 because I connected the vent to the overflow like a moron. Disconnected it and it fired up on the first kick
  3. jwap

    Does anyone ride in north eastern Maryland?

    I'm in Annapolis... have recently gotten back into trail riding after a 10 year break... there are a few mx tracks around in Easton and seaford. For trail riding it looks like eastern pa is the best option. I am planning on heading up there sometime in feb if they are open. I'll send you a pm when I am planing on going once I figure that out
  4. Thanks for the replies... I would worry that the 250x is going to be too similar to my xr250. They are listed to have about the same weight. How much better are the modern 4 stroke engines with regard to power? I do intend to hang onto the XR since it still runs like new and really is a great bike for screwing around. I am not in a huge hurry to upgrade since I am still having fun re-learning my old skills... I might keep my eyes peeled for the right deal on a ktm 300
  5. I recently started riding again on my '99 xr250. Looking to get a bike with a little more power for woods, hare scrambles, and recreational mx riding (no mx racing). The xr250 is pretty decent for riding around the woods in 1st and 2nd gear but it lacks power on the track and is a little sluggish in the woods at times. I thought the 300 xcw would fit the bill but they seem to be a little too pricey / hard to find used. Same for the husky te 300... Would you guys go with maybe a cr250r or should I look into the crf450x? Electric start would be nice but dont know if it is worth the extra 30-40 lbs the 4 stroke has over the 2. I have never ridden a full size 2 stroke bike, experience has only been on xr250 and xr400 Would like to stay under 5k. I am 6'2" 200lbs. Fairly mechanically inclined and can handle most maintenance items.