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    Howdy! this is my first post on this forum's but iv read them many times, so hello! heh. Alrighty here comes a story haha Iv always always raced ktm 250 2 strokes for the past 10 years, iv ridden a friends 450 about 8 year's ago for a few laps it was a 2008 450SXF and i absolutely hated it, it was heavy and felt really wide compared to my 2t, the vibration through the bars was awful and the thing i hated the most was when ever you lifted off the throttle, i felt like i was going to go over the bars because of the engine braking and after all them thing's i didn't like, Also it didn't feel powerful at all, i was expecting it to rip my arms off but it was tame which was really shocking, then came the moment i stalled it haha oh boy. hot engine, carb, nightmare. So a few questions about new 4 strokes as iv been watching quite alot of videos lately, and they look so planted and powerful and easy to ride and start with the fuel injection and also the technical spec's they look just as light now as a 2 stroke i was riding a few years ago etc, And after watching the video's its making me want a 450, but the bad memory of the time i rode one is the only thing putting me off heh. Do new 450's vibrate as much as the ones 10 years ago? Do they fire up always even with hot with fuel injection? Do they feel wide still? Most importantly, has engine braking been tamed down any over the years? because i really hated that the most. Also i guess, how much more powerful are they compared to a 2008 model? Oh also all my question's are about KTM's im not too interested in other's Cheers!