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  1. I think you could be right. I acquired the bike as a non runner, with a smashed stator. I replaced it and have since changed almost everything and now suspect the relpacement (new) stator might be faulty. Will keep you updated with the results.
  2. Revs normally, no spluttering or misfires.
  3. Sounds right. I didnt remove that pipe as it seemed neccesary. Currently rebuilding the engine and will report back once its up & running. Thanks for the input.
  4. Yes, the jetting is standard. I will double check today in case I have mixed up my numbers.
  5. Not yet, as the timing "should" be fixed on the DR. But when the bike is back together I will do it as I have reached the point of trying everything.
  6. I wish! I cant even keep up with delivery vans!
  7. Yes, we have tried that. Here is the cylinder head with the PAIR valve removed. Yes. we have tried all that. Here is a picture of my cylinder head with the PAIR valve opening blanked off.
  8. The airbox has been modified with the 3x3 hole cut in the top.
  9. Have already removed airbox scoop. Slide moves freely in both carbs we tried. We even took the plastic fitting out that stops the slide from seizing open, again, no effect on the problem.
  10. And we then tried a replacement carb, this one with the PAIR valve still installed. Stripped and ceaned carb before installing. Made no difference to the problem.
  11. Here is the original carb, PAIR valve removed. Have stripped carb and rebuilt, didnt help the problem. Also fitted a new TPS.
  12. Here is a pic of the inlet rubber for reference. Clearly no restrictor.
  13. Already checked. No restrictor. I will post a pic later today for reference.
  14. Yes. We started with starter jet 62.5 and Main 155. We opened up the airbox and upped the jet to 65/200. Made no difference to the problem, so revert to standard until we can resolve the issue.
  15. Engine stripped, camchain lower sprocket is lined up as should be. Will rebuild with new rings and try again.