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    The KTM 200 Club

    Howdy 200 club! I have been slowly building and improving a 2015 KTM 200 XC-W Enduro/Harescramble Race Bike over the last couple years and thought id share my journey and butt dyno results! Modifications in order: 1. FMF Gnarly / Turbinecore 2 The thinker pipe is really all i care for! I quickly crushed the stocker. As far as performance goes, the pipes seemed about par. Comparing bends they even look VERY close to each other. 2. JD Jetting All in all, awesome well built jet pack that works awesome at any altitudes. I have run from sea level in California to 7K in Idaho City with out issues or touching jets. (yes it COULD be more tuned for altitude, but works fine without) 3. 2015 KTM 150 SX Ignition WOW! If you can do one thing for more power this is it! Midrange & Top power really kicks in strong (be careful of wheel spin). Runs great on junk california 91 gas. No pinging no detention and heat is controlled fine by stock system. https://www.motosport.com/oem-parts/part-number/51539031600?mmysource=ktm;150sx;2015&partgroup=ignition-system&fam=Engine 4. Head Mod Less impact than the ignition, but paired together the bike feels alot more alive. prior to the combo of the two the bike felt like you HAD to hit steep hills just right or be stuck chugging in 1st or 2nd. After these the bike was more forgiving if you miss a shift or need to rebuilt the RPMs. All in all bike runs strong and has a lot more punch. http://www.dicksracing.com/?motorcycle_performance 5. Checkpoint water pump propeller Was not overheating or anything but liked the idea. Awesome kit that has held up well. Never overheated before, but now I know the bike is fine and feel more confidant pushing it on hot days https://slavensracing.com/shop/water-pump-impeller-ktmhusaberg-2-strokes-checkpoint/ 6. Port Matching and clean up port work Small amount of cylinder porting to ensure the cases & cylinder are matched, ensured all castings are cleaned snd smooth (local shop work) and that the cylinder is perfectly matched with the cases. Noticed very little difference in the bike, however there is an overall smoothness improvement in the powerband, all be it very subtle. Not worth the money unless you get it for free (which was my case) 7. Ignition map switch Thought this would be nice to change for slick or nasty conditions. I honestly I cant tell the difference between setting 1 & 2. It may be a result of the SX ignition, but in general this doesn't make a difference on which setting it is in (butt dyno) 8. V-Force Reeds Swapped the stock Boyesson unit for a set of V-forces and modified a used stock reed valve to make it work (see http://www.ktmworld.com/GNCC200-P3.html) I like these units over stock, I found the V-Force to have a bit more Mid to Top performance (actual top end is comparable, but the V-Force has more getting to it) than the stock unit. The stock unit felt like it had more bottom end, but I try to stay out of the bottom end power. 9. Rekluse Core Manual WOW this clutch is awesome. Solid unit that can withstand ALOT (I mean ALOT) of abuse. The performance is also noticeable, the power and torque delivery is fantastic. I feel like at any point I can just drop the clutch and I know all power will be delivered to the wheel just when I want it to be. Really inspires alot of confidance in both the power delivery and durability of the clutch. As a note, I had an un-noticed case oil leak at my last enduro. I raced the day before and had probably 0 oil in the case the day of the enduro. The Rekluse lasted 30 miles of absolutely getting the crap beaten out of it through seriously rocky course (I would say the poor thing was having its clutch worked, and I mean worked, 85% of that 30 miles). I was disappointed it eventually went, but looking back I am really impressed it last so long on no oil with how hard I was using it. Sample terrain (not me, im much slower): 10. Garrahan Off-Road Training A bit cheeky, but dispite all the go-fast parts and work the thing that has made the bike the fastest (with me on it) is going on and getting training! Brian is Nor-Cal based and is great to work with! http://garrahanoffroadtraining.com/ SUMMARY: In stock form the 200 is an amazing, but tamed bike. I Had found that it was a blast, but often lacked the right guts when I didnt hit a obstacle just right and did not really have the "racey" heart I was wanting. After all the above, the bike is now the same exact flexible, mountain bike feeling controllable bike it was before, but now with alot more guts and a "racey" heart. The powerband is stronger through the entire powerband and has the guts to climb any hill in (almost) any gear with a little clutch work. Where in stock form, if not perfect on some hills the bike might fall flat, now the bike recovers and can rev back up into power with ease. And thats my current list! To be honest, at this point I am out of things to slap on the bike. I am debating an Oval Bore on the carb and would actually be curious about peoples experiences. Hope people found this interesting to helpful Thanks for having this great 200 community!
  2. bb200xcw

    The KTM 200 Club

    Hey guys!, I wanted to see if some one could help enlighten me in my research. Are 125/150 heads interchangeable onto the 200? I have been researching and they are the same bore and visually the same design, and when looking at motosport.com parts diagrams i found that the 2005 125exc diagram includes an option for the 200 head - http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/ktm/2005/125exc/cylinder-_-cylinder-head?fam=Engine However, i read that the head changed in 2004 or 2005? then some changes in 2013. Does anything have an awnser on if there is possible interchange, and if not what are the differences? Is it a question of clearance and the piston hitting the head? or frame mounts? bolt pattern? etc. Thanks!