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  1. Hey guys! First time joining and posting on this forum. I'm 23 and from Illinois. I use to have bikes when I was 12 years old until the age of 18. Had a CRF70 and CRF100. After sometime I got bored with the 100 and threw some upgrades at it. I added a BBR Big Bore Kit that turned into a 120, and an FMF PowerCore 4. I mostly rode trails. It was a fun bike but eventually I got tired of it, sold both bikes, and focused on cars. Well now that I'm much older I'm looking to get back into the sport. I'm interested in a CRF250R, preferably a 2016 or 2017, but my worry is that I will not be comfortable on that bike as I am 5'8" and 135lbs. I've also never ridden anything faster than my CRF100 lol... My friends, who have big bikes, say I will be fine but I'm not so sure. Every time they offer to take their bike down the block I decline for fear of tipping over on it lol. I would love to have a fast, bad a$$ bike, as opposed to a trail bike. Should I try it or go for a KX85/100 or CRF150R? My friends also tell me that those are for kids and that I will not like it. What do you guys think? Thanks, Mario.