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  1. You don’t have to remove the shock to change the spring. Loosen the tension/preload on the spring completely so it can be pushed upward a half inch or so reliving pressure from the c-clip and retaining washer at the bottom of the shock. Remove the linkage. Lift up on the spring remove the c-clip/ring and the washer and slide to spring down and off the shock thru the swing arm. Reverse the process to install the new spring. I’ve done my springs a couple ways and this is by far the easiest/quickest.
  2. Vagus

    Baja Designs XL Pro headlight

    Thanks, I got the harness and it’s working correctly now. Now I just need to fix the weather...
  3. Ya looks pretty much blocked to me. I’d put some weld bond putty in there and forget about it.
  4. Vagus

    Baja Designs XL Pro headlight

    So do you have the KTM harness and does it work on your husky? The guys at BD said it wouldn't work. Thanks, J
  5. Vagus

    Baja Designs XL Pro headlight

    Sounds like yours is working the same as mine. High or off. I’ve got it wired correctly according to the instructions. I guess there is no hi/lo finction with our bikes. They make a harness for hi/lo on the KTMs but not for the huskys.
  6. I just installed this headlight on my ‘17 FE450. It seems there is no hi lo beam function. The stock hi lo switch just turns the light on (high) and off. Has anybody else installed this light and if so, can you tell me if yours is the same? Thanks, J
  7. So you don’t have hi lo control?
  8. For those of you running a Baja Designs XL Pro LED headlight on your FE501/450 were you able to use the Baja Designs KTM harness to wire up Hi Lo beam control with the stock switch? I got the light and the harness for Christmas but the guys at Baja Designs say the hi Lo harness they sell for the KTMs probably won't work with the huskys. Thanks, J
  9. Vagus

    2018 fe501 vibration

    As I recall they are the level 3. I have had them for 4 years. I have had multiple get-offs in that time and they have never been damaged. I will never go back to aluminium bars. A couple of my riding buddies have the flex bars and they like them too but they are way heavier than the TE bars.
  10. Vagus

    2018 fe501 vibration

    I have a lot of trouble with my hands going numb when I ride. I have tried just about everything. I tried the PHDS system but found that it didn’t help much. I bought the Twisted Engineering carbon fibre bars and they make a big difference. I also mounted Stregz Pegz and dualsport grips and the combination of the 3 has solved the problem for me.
  11. Vagus

    2018 fe501 vibration

    I have a ‘17 FE450 and notice the vibes thru the pegs when I first start out, but it smooths out as it warms up. It still vibrates more than the Husaberg FE 450 I had before it though.
  12. I have a 2017 Husqvarna FE450 and my wife has offered to get me an XL Pro kit for Christmas. I have been on the BD website but I am confused as to which kit I need AC or DC? Also didn't the light used to come in husky blue? I only see black on the BD site. thanks, J
  13. Seems like every bike is different. My 450 had TPS set at .50 stock. I desmogged, took out the reeds, uncorked the exhaust, euro mapped, added the map switch and set the TPS to .64. Ran like crap, bogged out when I snapped the throttle and even smelled rich. I dropped the TPS to .59 and it's perfect now.
  14. I've become so used to not being able to find it that I don't even miss it. Just pull in the clutch.
  15. I've had 3 KTMs, a husaberg and a Husky FE450. I've never beeen able to get into neutral with the engine running (intentionally) on any of them.