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    CRF100 Steering Torque

    What is the procedure for torquing the steering on a CRF100? I've only ever done the big bike type where you've only got one big tightening nut, not the "double nut" version that the CRF uses. How tight do you get the lower nut? You really can't get a torque reading on it as it requires a special spanner or hammering a screwdriver. The top 30mm nut can be torqued. Background for those interested. Recently bought a 2005 CRF100. Steering stem bearings were shot. The races were dented at the bearings giving a very notchy steering feel. I bought new bearings and races, everything went together well. Hardest part was the race pressed onto the steering stem. Had to cut off the old race. For the new race I stuck the steering stem in the freezer and then heated the new race. Still didn't want to go on easily. Use a 1" PVC coupling with a short piece of PVC pipe on the end. The coupling diameter matches the race diameter well. Held the PVC pipe/coupling and then hammered the stem down into the pipe. Worked like a charm!