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    Need help with this pilot jet problem

    ah ok, just going off what i know has been done. It needed to be turned due to it dying then. When it came to a stop it would die out. It doesnt do that except maybe once a blue moon but it still hesitates unless i give it gas at idle and the jumpy attitude almost feels like a misfire so im not sure the accelerator you speak of is the proper result.
  2. Hello, I bought an 08 drz400 with a 434 kit a few months back. Third gear was cracked with a hairline crack apparently and eventually broke a piece off overtime. This caused massive problems in my bottom end and in turn i had to buy a new oem bottom end. However the pilot jet in the old fcr carb seems to be too big. It hesitates going to stops and was dying. I turned the air screw 3 times (max) and it is still hesitating but not dying as much. Its also running horribly rich. Gas at 1/4th throttle is jumpy. anything above is normal. Here are my specs. Im looking for guidance on what size pilot i need. Or what kit is best. oem sm bottom end. hot cams. fcr 39mx carb new head/base gasket and rings full exhaust pilot jet is the only one that seems to be bigger.