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  1. Mustang_Warbird

    TTR125 and YZ85 Supermini are ready to undergo... something...

    We did our conversion a couple of years ago, by mounted the YZ straight to the TTR frame, no major mods needed, just some spacers and a re-drill of the top mount position. Been working great, in fact the only problems we've had on the whole conversion is the seals blowing in the front suspension after a heavy front end landing. I've found some photo's of how we modded the frame in other places. We had an electric start bike, which causes a few issues as YZ has a piggy back reservoir on the shock which sits where the battery would go, so I welded a large mounting plate for the battery box to live on. This also adds strength as the TTR frame isnt too strong. The triangular plate was welded on to mount the brake which replaces the old TTR drum brake. Additionally, a cross brace was welded on for more strength. The frame was powder coated silver for extra protection http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTRPaintRe-build009.jpg http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTRPaintRe-build019.jpg Here are some pics of the swing arm being attached http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTRPaintRe-build026.jpg http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTRPaintRe-build027.jpg http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTRPaintRe-build028.jpg http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTRPaintRe-build029.jpg http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTRPaintRe-build030.jpg Despite the purists who think the geometry is now wrong, it works well and we've had no problems with it. Here is the competed bike. http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTR125YZRearConversion_03_08001a.jpg http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h19/Mustang_Warbird/TTR-Theconclusion.jpg Cheers Mark
  2. Mustang_Warbird

    at a loss

    Hi there, When you are measuring the voltage, it isnt under any load, try measuring the voltage when your turning the bike over, if it drops like a stone, your battery is gone. The meter can't measure the current stored in the battery, so even looking for a voltage drop is not a good indicator. My TTR250 had the same problem and had the same clicking noise. If you let those batteries drop too far, they'll sulphate beyond recovery. I put a new battery in and it works like a charm Also, starting the bike weekly just drains it more, you need to give it a good run to keep it topped up. I have a battery conditioner on mine now - keeps a trickle in the battery when the bikes not in use and it always turns over when I need it Hope this helps Cheers M_W
  3. Mustang_Warbird

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    Renthal Bars YZ85 LW front forks YZ85 Front brake YZ85 Front Fender BBR frame cradle Gussetted frame / powder coated paint job FMF Powercore 4 pipe BBR150 BBK YZ80 Rear end (Shock / Swing arm / wheel / brakes) Home made rear brake lever & chain guard Relocated battery box for electric start Next on our list is a YZ80 carb and some graphics !
  4. Mustang_Warbird

    TTR-YZ Fork Swap How-To

    Converting the SW version is still possible - the chop effect isn't too bad and way better than the standard forks. You can do the rear at a later date. Here is the evolution of our TTR TTR125 - The Beginning TTR125 - The Chopper Years TTR150 - The full YZ LW Conversion This has been fun to build with the kids and its great to ride The mods as it stands are Renthal Bars YZ85 LW front forks YZ85 Front brake YZ85 Front Fender BBR frame cradle Gussetted frame / powder coated paint job FMF Powercore 4 pipe BBR150 BBK YZ80 Rear end (Shock / Swing arm / wheel / brakes) Home made rear brake lever & chain guard Relocated battery box for electric start Next on our list is a YZ80 carb and some graphics !
  5. Mustang_Warbird

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    Here is my eldest sons bike - its still work in progress. Full YZ front & rear Currently the engine is out as I've just fitted the BBR BBK. Next I'm fitting a mounting plate under the rear fender for the battery box to mount to (the box wont fit now cos of the YZ shocks reservoir) Then its off for shot blasting and powder coating
  6. Mustang_Warbird

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    Thats what I thought. I was actually in the process of fabricating a piece to weld in, when I thought I would give it a try. Bolted it straight up to the TTR frame and it works. Bike sits a little higher than it would with the link welded in, but with the front forks fully extended in the trees, it sits level. Got about 11 inches of travel, and everything works - no problem at all and no bottoming out the rear wheel on the underside of the mud guard as some modders have mentioned. It may change the shock geometry from that of the TTR, but from the pics and drawings I've seen, it emulates the YZ almost spot on.
  7. Mustang_Warbird

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    You don't need to weld the the TTR linkage, in fact you don't need it at all. I went through many permutations of brackets to try and avoid welding the frame, then out of interest, I tried connecting the YZ link directly. Found it works without any problem. Take a look below
  8. Mustang_Warbird

    TTR-250 Clank when turning off engine

    My TTR250 clanks when it turns off. Its the sprag clutch. I'm not worried though, I've spoken to loads of TTR250 riders who's bikes have the same noise. Some of them have it from new and others have replaced parts because of the noise and had it from the replacements. Just keep an eye on the starter splines when your doing an oil change as the starter motor is expensive. it seems to be more of a problem on the older, purple open enduro models. Here is an extract and another link on the subject from a great web site, www.ttr250.com Starter Motors Starter motors and the associated sprag (one-way) clutch seem to be a weak point on TTRs. If excessive noise when cranking or banging when switching on/off is ignored - replace the sprag clutch to save a much more expensive rebuild - see Tim Wood's article in the next section. If you have left it too long and major repairs are needed then I hope Lance Parson's advice below helps: A common problem if left too long is that the large idler gear shaft boss ends up having a section of casting broken off. As at July 2008, the UK price new is £182.01 inc VAT (part number 4GY-15411-02-00). Lance has been told of an owner who had the same problem and had the boss rebuilt by welding etc, but it broke again shortly after. Following his own starter problems, Lance needed to replace the outer LH crankcase cover, two idler gears and shaft plus the starter motor on his TTR. The new price for all of these parts was £600.00 from Japan via BAT Motorcycles - 01959577145 (delivery to UK in six weeks), or £450.00 from Holland (delivery in two weeks) - (new starter is £214.81 on its own) - via Ray Hockey Motorcycles (01873840170). Also, in the UK, serviceable 2nd hand parts can be obtained via Paul Bates and Brian Eland (details below) or via 'Partsearch' (09061119999) - they located one for Lance from Black Knight Spares (Trade Breakers) in Doncaster 01302840409, £123.00 the lot delivered to his door next day. For his £123.00 he got the bits to repair the starter mechanism i.e. LH engine cover, two idler gears and shaft, plus the starter motor, I doubt others will get a bargain like that again! A friend of mine, Adrian Harris, rebuilt a TTR starter, to replace the mangled pinion gear, using an armature centre and good pinion from a more common Matsui starter. Check out www.dirtybiking.co.uk . Peter from France says he has found an easier solution than modifying an FZ600 starter! He says it is possible to use one from a Honda 125 NX (or Transcity) and all you have to do is change the rear cover - everything else is the same. Thanks Peter!
  9. Mustang_Warbird

    Let's see those TTR's!

    Here is our work in progress. Was a TTR125 small wheel, now it has YZ85 front YZ85 rear YZ85 large wheels YZ85 shock YZ85 rear brake YZ85 front brake + YZ125 braided St St hoses Pro-taper bars BBR skid plate Still to fit BBR 150 BBK + YZ80 carb (winter project) I've also just got another TTR125 for my youngest son, so guess I'll be modding that one too.
  10. Mustang_Warbird

    my ttr 600 - pix and plans

    Hi tom ttr tom, Check out this site. http://www.ttr250.com/ Its for the TTR250 but other than the engine size, the 250 and 600 are very similar. Take a look at the pipes section, it tells you how to mod the stock can. I've had it done on my 250 and it wakes the bike up. You will also need to mod the airbox to get more air into the engine and re-jet the carb with a bigger pilot and main jet. Cheers M_W
  11. Mustang_Warbird

    Dirt Bike Stores In or Near Orlando / Tampa

    Thanks Guys, Yep, doing the theme parks again. Need my coaster fix. I was over in January on business, got $2 to the £1 and brought back a BBR 150BBK. It came back in my laptop case and set off the metal detectors in all 3 airports I passed through on the way home. Funny thing was, the guy in Charlotte thought it was normal to buy motorcycle parts for your kids. He was more interested in the my laptop and its wires I wont put anything checked baggage as they just take it out if they dont like it and you never see it again.
  12. Mustang_Warbird

    Dirt Bike Stores In or Near Orlando / Tampa

    Hi all, I'm going to be taking a vacation in Orlando soon and would like to take advantage of the great £ to $ exchange rate for buying parts & gear. Are there any decent dirt bike stores in Orlando or Tampa ??? Cheer M_W
  13. Mustang_Warbird

    Quick question . . . kind of a poll. TTR125

    I had to cut ours back, it hit the pipe (Powercore 4)
  14. Mustang_Warbird

    My TTR250 with USD Forks

    I'm certainly interested in seeing more pics. I've done the YZ85 front and rear on my sons TTR125 and I fancy a decent set of bouncers on the front of my 250 now.
  15. Mustang_Warbird

    Viper 125 Pitbike Problem

    Thanks guys - youve given me something to go at. Cheers M_W