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  1. That's perfect Eric....very nice clear direction....Thank you. Thanks also to Joe_B and Nobel. The heat gun works amazingly! I haven't had a chance to put the case together but did some interesting experimentation: cold the shaft measures exactly 30mm. The cold bearing was 29.81mm. Heating with an electric heat gun got it to expand to 29.99/30.00 mm and it seemed to stay at that size for a good while even when starting to cool. I'll heat all the bearings and it'll slip on perfectly.....you've given me a track to run on and confidence....Now that's community!!! Thanks guys! I thought I was really going out on a limb investing in ACT wide ratio gearing on such an experienced machine (72,000 km) but the bottom end specs out perfectly so I'm really excited about getting her back on the road/trail. I'm sure the tranny change will be a huge improvement. My little goat will getting me anywhere I wanna go for many years to come.
  2. Thanks Joe....maybe that's all it'll take! The left side is all together face up on the bench.... I'm just trying to settle the right side on to button it all up. I'll try your heat gun trick tomorrow.
  3. Thanks Eric, I really appreciate your reply. Your pictures show me that I'm missing the shiny adapter piece of my puller (...bought it used...but none of the online pictures show that piece). Anyways...that's for the left side...because I split the case only to work on the transmission I didn't pull the crank out of the left case. I've got the left side assembled but when dropping the right case on to button it all up I need some way to pull the right side of the crank up into its bearing. I had it started but it's too tight so I had to pull it apart again. . ...Any suggestions? How do you get the right side case to settle down? Thanks again.
  4. Hi Guys, Reassembling DRZ400 crankcase..... Tusk crank puller has no way of gripping the right side end of my crankshaft (m18 X 1.5 Left hand thread) to draw it up into the bearing.... . I phoned Rocky Mountain who sold the crank puller and adapters (that don't fit)....no luck, no help. ...Any suggestions? Surely this is a common scenario. My little goat has 72,000 km on the clock and all internals spec out perfectly....I've just installed ACT wide ratio gearset and I'm anxious to get her rolling again for more adventure! Thanks for your help. -Dr.Z.Thump .... Duncan, (Vancouver Island) BC, Canada