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  1. Sheesh...2 liters is gone for me in the first 1 hour easy. But I'm far from home in the States living in Central America now. In the jungle of Belize we end drinking right from the streams in the jungle from desperation. We ended up on such a steep downhill once that we had to get off and have two of us slide/carry the bikes down hill (CRF250R). Combine that with a hike to an ancient Mayan cave full of pottery and I was wiped. I need to find a 2 gallon hydro pac
  2. Weird. My camel pac never tasted weird. But I’ve gone away from those expensive packs. Recently got a TETON Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack off Amazon for $40. I was concerned about the cheaper cost but went for it anyway. Very happy with it. Clean taste. 2 liters. Plus I have extra room in the backpack for other stuff. Only problem is I burn through 2 liters too quick. We do long jungle rides that require lots of lifting over trees blocking trails.
  3. BJV

    Need RB front rim...19”

    Ah...I misunderstood...You said 17 take off...I thought you meant 17" take off. You mean 2017 take off. Gotcha. Yeah I'm in Belize. I'd have to ship it to Texas and then from there to here. What's the least you want for it? I have to factor in shipping to Belize and import taxes (50%!!!!!!). I know that's not your problem but just so you know what I'm thinking.
  4. BJV

    Need RB front rim...19”

    Nice rim but I have the RB. So it’s a 19” front.
  5. BJV

    Need RB front rim...19”

    Anyone got one laying around they want to sell???
  6. BJV

    Thrust washer dimension

    What's interesting is I bought this 2nd hand. I put about 25 hours on it before the crank went. So I've completely rebuilt it. On disassembly when I started, the clutch bolt (15 in fiche) wasn't torque down...at all. It was almost loose. So I'm thinking 1 of 2 things. Either the previous owner lost the washer and didn't torque, or overtime, the clutch hub worked it's way loose since there was no washer there. I hate when things are done to spec. Once I get this washer it's as good as new... Just have to break it in now.
  7. BJV

    Thrust washer dimension

    I've scoured the web for the OD on the 250r part. It's a mystery. I'll try the X part and see if it fits.
  8. BJV

    Thrust washer dimension

    I wonder if the OD is the same?
  9. I'm in need of a thrust washer for the clutch. #19 on the fiche. 90456-KRN-A40 Partzilla and every I checked can't deliver until Monday the 11th. I need it there by Sunday the 10th. Anyone have one they can next day air me? I'll PayPal you the cash ASAP. Let me know. Thanks guys.
  10. BJV

    Thrust washer dimension

    Does anyone have one laying around? I'll PayPal you today if you can next day air it to Minnesota. No one has one in stock and I need it there by the 11th.
  11. BJV

    Thrust washer dimension

    Hi, Does anyone has the dimensions for the thrust washer that goes behind the clutch? My bike is missing it but the parts fiche shows one there. I can see a slight groove in the back of the clutch so I know it should be there. It's this part: 90456-KRN-A40 I know it's 20mm ID. Does anyone have the OD and thickness? Any harm in using a 22mm thrust washer I have laying around? Any harm in running it without it? It's part 19 in this fiche
  12. What I ended up doing was making sure nothing was stuck in the splines. I lightly used the small cordless impact. It went on really easy, much easier than I thought.
  13. I'm wondering if I'm safe using my small impact to just tighten down the bolt and see if it pulls the two gears on to the shaft. I'll wait to hear from you guys. I can't be the only one who has experience these tight gears.
  14. Installing new crank and cases and bearings. I am at the point of putting the balancer drive gear on the crankshaft. It is extremely tight to the point that I'm not sure if I can get it on without tapping it with hammer or something. I tested it on the old crank shaft and it slides right on with no issue. But on this new crank it seems almost impossible to just slide on easily. I don't want to force it. Is this normal? I do have the gap and punch mark lined up properly too.
  15. BJV

    To rebuild or not rebuild

    Yep, same here. Replate, put a new piston and rings etc and then if the crank goes you're back at square one. It'll cost you more now but hopefully less down the road. Happy rebuilding! We're in the same boat. My cases come in today so I plan to get her built tonight and tomorrow.