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  1. joelcn91

    05 RMZ 450 case issues

    Looking on some preventative maintenance advice. I just purchased a 05 RMZ450, it has new SS valves, New piston, New crank, bearings, etc. My biggest concern is cracking the case near the kickstarter. I had a 07 rmz450 that cracked the case around the idle gear. Is this an issue on the 05's or is it just a 07/08 thing? What do I look out for so this doesnt happen again? Thanks.
  2. joelcn91

    Thoughts on a 1992 Cr500 ?

    It doesn't hurt to check it out. I'll drain the oil, open it up and go through it with a fine tooth comb. The guy also has a ton of parts to go with it (extra cylinder, carb, rear wheel, pc pipe, stock silencer, etc). If it runs good and I can ride it without issue then I can decide to trade. There are hundreds of older kx250s and only a handful of cr500. I'm going to meet with him tomorrow, i'll post back with the outcome.
  3. joelcn91

    Thoughts on a 1992 Cr500 ?

    I am trying to look past how dirty the bike is and the broken fender, from the pic he sent it looks like he sunk the thing in mud and had to have it pulled out resulting in the rear fender looking like that. I'm thinking I may pass, what are your thoughts?
  4. joelcn91

    Thoughts on a 1992 Cr500 ?

    OK so I asked if I could get some pics of how the bike sits, he said it needs to be cleaned and the rear fender is broken off, this is what he sent...
  5. joelcn91

    Thoughts on a 1992 Cr500 ?

    I did some Craigslist searching and in the southeast it looks like the average price for a 1990 - 1995 steal frame Cr500 in Avg condition goes for around $2500+. I think it's worth a look. I will most likely rebuild the top end anyway like I do with any 2-stroke I get, list it for $2500 and ride it until it sells. Either way I feel like if its in riding condition, I will be able to get what I'm asking for the KX and have something fun to ride in the mean time.
  6. joelcn91

    Thoughts on a 1992 Cr500 ?

    My KX isn't mint but it is in great shape and completely rebuilt. Here is a link to the listing : http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/item/14709-2000-kx250-trade-for-450/ The Cr500 is a little rough, you can tell its been sitting, but it has original plastics with graphics, paint on the frame is all intact, its missing the rear fender which atm is an eye-sore but overall it looks like a barn find 500. He sent me a video of him starting the bike and it fired right up and idled fine. I'll see if I can post some pics.
  7. joelcn91

    Thoughts on a 1992 Cr500 ?

    So most if not all of the value is in the motor? My concern with this one is that it sat for many years. The guy i'm speaking with is a younger and he just got it from his uncle who has had it buried in his garage since the 90s. This could be a good thing however I'm concerned that if it was sitting with fluids in it that it would need a rebuild...?
  8. Hey guys, Figure there will be a few out there that know a lot about the Cr 500s, I have the opportunity to trade my 00 Kx250 for a 1992 Cr500. What are they worth in good shape? I've seen them go anywhere from $2000 - $4500 what factors into this pricing? I have little experience with them, what should I look out for? The only one I have ridden was one that a guy converted into a 04 Crf450 frame, It was fun/different to ride but how are they in original form (92)? Is it better to keep original or do the conversion?
  9. Yea, I went riding over the weekend and had a chance to ride a buddies 08 yz450f for about an hour and am much happier with the RM. I am definitely faster on the track with the 450, but I always wanted to ride it aggressively. I feel like I didn't enjoy it as much. Not only that, If I had a 450 I probably would have to replace the clutch in it every few rides since I would keep slipping it like a 2t. I do have plans on trading my 00 kx250 for something a little different, I have a trade offer for a 92 Cr 500 that I am going to jump on if i can find a time to meet the guy. That should hold me off from wanting a 450 for a while.
  10. Thanks for the replies! I'm going to take everyone's advice and hang on to the RM. I pulled up a video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0SoVqgUnsw ) from a couple weeks ago that reminded me how good the RM's handling is in the trails and there is a adherent cool factor to being one of the few that still rides a 2 stroke.. I will trade the KX250 for a older 450, if I absolutely love it then I will just look into getting a new one. Last time I was at the Honda dealership they had some leftover 2015's for like $6,400. That's just over $100/month and I'll have the best of both worlds.
  11. I'll probably want it back in 6 months honestly lol... I'm leaning towards keeping it. I have a completely rebuilt 00 KX250 that's in the background of the RM picture that I can sell/trade towards a 450. Here is the CL link: http://richmond.craigslist.org/mcy/5918899930.html
  12. It's a tough one, the RM will be hard to replace. However, I do leave the track wishing I had a 450...
  13. Looking to be either talked into trading or talked out. I currently have a 2006 RM250 that is in Very good shape, Handles like a dream, Runs perfect. (Pic Attached) Here are my 2 trade options: - 2006 Kx450f that is practically brand new, Original Owner (60 year old), has maybe 10-15 hours tops.(Pic Attached) - 2007 KTM 450sxf, seems to be in good shape, extra seat, tires, filters, owner/service manuals, original owner, etc. (Pic Attached) I just recently got back into riding after 10 years, I'm a experienced rider with a solid racing background. Although I don't race anymore I still do most of my riding on MX tracks and occasionally ride tight technical trails. I originally got the RM because it is easy to maintain, handles well, and is in great shape. The more time I spend at the tracks I find myself really missing the power and smooth riding characteristics of a 450. I'm just debating on whether or not I should make the switch and what would be the better trade. What are your thoughts? Pros and cons