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  1. Can someone tell me what this vent hose is for and why it would have a drip of gas on the end of it after a ride? Sorry not very card savvy
  2. Sounds like excellent advice to me [emoji1360]
  3. Heres a picture of the plug. Maybe someone with a bit more experience can tell me if this is good. To my understanding its ok
  4. Thats good then, just curious as i dont remember ever testing it like that in the stock form
  5. Whats the best method to test if im too rich?
  6. Also the drain hose on the right hand side of the carb always shows a drip of gas at the end of it after a ride?
  7. Ok so ive done some searching on the forum and cant find what im looking for, if ive missed it sorry for the repeat Ok so i have a 2017 ttr230 and i just got done with a re-jet, i went 130 main and 38 pilot with fuel screw 2 turns out and air box snorkel removed and holes drilled and holes drilled in the spark arrestor like i have read in other threads. My question is when im at idle and blip the throttle it bogs down, is this normal? If i give it slight throttle and then blip it everything is fine, i have experimented with the fuel screw with no luck Thanks in advance
  8. Thats what mine looked like as well. I was curious, thought i would check here to see if that was normal. The oil filter cover o'ring also seemed large going back in but it went back in somehow