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  1. Have one of those, not adjustable height of beam so not passing inspection.
  2. Screw for alignment, dot and affordable is all I need. Do you mean polisport is good match, which model you use? No I don't
  3. Are there any affordable and adjustable light fixtures that we can use on our drz's? I can do basic wiring. Bonus if it is modern looking, because then I can keep it after inspection.
  4. What are some affordable high quality axle sliders? Both rear and front!
  5. I got such an adapter, was made from cnc aluminium. Fitment was ok but not perfect, needed RTV-silicone, a dremel and about 1 hour for an amateur like me. Adapter was about $80 and carbs without removable bell are a lot cheaper. Never got to install the finished carb though.
  6. Hugh Dick

    Mcct install TDC instructions ambiguous

    Thanks for valuable details!
  7. Hugh Dick

    Mcct install TDC instructions ambiguous

    Thanks Rcicard, this method sounds perfect!
  8. Some instructions say tdc needed, some say its not needed. Some say take top off, some say just put T line in inspector hole. Some say adjust crank normal way, others say adjust the other way. As i can tell, tdc is needed to take tension off chain so it doesnt jump a notch once acct removed. Can this risk be minified by removing acct slowly/gently? Basically im looking for the easiest mcct install that is still reliable. Taking cover off is beyond my comfort level and will let mechanic do it. Would be nice not to need.
  9. Hugh Dick

    How much oil is too much in a bad way?

    Cool tip, forgot about that one! Thanks man!
  10. DRZ400 Loctite fix - Compact version / Cheat Sheet Image description: A, B, C (Stator) Medium strength thread locker (Loctite 242 or equivalent) A is 2 bolts. B is 3 bolts. C is 1 bolt. Torque for A is xx Nm. Torque for B is xx Nm. Torque for C is xx Nm. D (Starter clutch) High strength thread locker (Loctite 271 or equivalent). 6 bolts. All six of bolts should be replaced with new, high grade allen head bolts, regardless if they appear to be acceptable. Torque is 8 Nm for stock bolts. 12 Nm for high grade allen head bolts. In depth: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/548456-stator-and-starter-clutch-loctite-fix/ Why this: Needed to have a compact version to show mechanic. Maybe others find it useful. Disclaimer: Info resourced online, use at own risk. Double check torque specs.
  11. Poured in 2l by mistake. Oil level on stick (proper reading method) is above the ribbed/netted area, between the netted area and where the stick turns round - ie. too much. I noticed oil was bubbly like it was in a shaker, not sure this is normal. I know I read somewhere someone who usually put 2 liters in (or was it 2 quarts whatever that is?) Question: Can I let it be like it is or do I need to drain out some oil? If I risk engine damage, can I hose out oil when heated up or do I have to mess around with the bottom plug which sucks since I will need a new washer which sucks since it will drain a lot of oil during the seconds it take to swap washer. [ ] A - You be fine! Bubbles are ok! [ ] B - Drain, you can drain through oil inlet [ ] C - Drain, you need drain by bottom. Thanks!
  12. Hugh Dick

    Loctite fix front sprocket without chain removal?

    I know you fellas mean well. I know you think Im an idiot. Thanks for not refusing to answer question even though the scenario goes against your general recommendation. Thanks for helping. I have decided to consider doing the loctite fix instead of just loctiting and torquing the nut which im sure would hold up for my last 20-30 hours of ride time this season, after which I will have plenty of garage time. For a beginner, what procedure is the easiest to get the front sprocket off? Get a socket wrench, losen rear tire, mark current chain tension adjustments, set them to 0 and pray to Murphy his law does not apply today and chain slack is enough? Or split chain using screwdriver and bending up the clip lock? Other?
  13. Hugh Dick

    Loctite fix front sprocket without chain removal?

    Because I dont know how to loosen rear tire, re-adjust chain getting tire straight. I could of course learn, study and try, but I need to limit time and effort at this time. Next free time I shall ride bike, I shall not mechanic it.
  14. Ok - to make this clear - will pirelli diablo rosso 2 tubeless tires with tubes fit on a drz400sm 2005 with tubed rims?
  15. I need to re-torque my fron sprocket nut because it came loose. I might as well do the loctite fix to it but i will not split chain or adjust chain slack. Can I do this while the sprocket is on the splines, ie just goo loctite along the edge and nudge sprocket (with chain on it) front and back a few times to get it into the groves, and then wipe off excess - this is ehat i call ghetto-loctite fix. Or should I not bother at all? Those are my two options - ghetto or none, what do you say?