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  1. satrnfreak

    NJ Dual Sport Meet Up

    As in Wharton State Forest? Way to far from me...
  2. satrnfreak

    NJ Dual Sport Meet Up

    NJ is a pretty big area.. lol. NW NJ here. Im old, and slow, but try to ride often. Let me know. Also check out FGDBC on the book.
  3. satrnfreak

    Lazy single-track

    I was trying to remember the name of that Rd.... Burmha... lol... I miss Paragon, could ride all day, hang out without worry, and everyone was cool, and legal... except for people who used to leave the boarders..... i remember coming across the boulders blocking the haul road, and there was a sign posted. ."This is a boundary to the park, not an obstacle to drive over".... LoL!!!!
  4. satrnfreak

    Lazy single-track

    Yeah, some people just dont get it. Same when i rode St Claire years ago. We used to park at Walmart, then ride up the side road. Every one and their mother would wheelie up and down the road, do burnouts, and general hooligan stuff. Think when i saw the VW sand rail pulling wheelies on that road i decided not to go back because someone was gonna get hurt....
  5. satrnfreak

    Lazy single-track

    I also used to ride Nequehoning(??) PA, by a fire engine building place, with some of my friends from PA, sadly he took his life several years ago, was a pretty cool dude...
  6. satrnfreak

    Lazy single-track

    My buddy rides Lost Trails, i will be going there for sure. Used to ride Paragon, and St Claire RAC with my ATV. I know paragon is closed, but may look into RAC again. I have a couple local spots i can visit, but looking for people to ride with... who arent hooligans on the street....lol.
  7. satrnfreak

    Lazy single-track

    Hey guys, just got my first Dual Sport. Used to ride ATVs years ago, and have spent the last 30yrs riding on asphalt with 2 wheels. With riding area becoming scarce, and parking a trailer for atvs even worse, i decided maybe a plated bike is the answer. Anyone up in their years do any lazy single track rides? Im not looking for 20 foot gaps, or fast mx style riding, just some nice EASY woods single track to get out and explore.... I live in Jefferson NJ, ride a stock QUIET XT350.... just wanna get out in the woods and explore........