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    Silent Dirtbike

    Buy a Sur-ron electric bike https://www.facebook.com/groups/surron/
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    Endless Options I'm lost...

    Hard riding about 40 to 50km Basically about 3 hours of tight single track riding. Yes they love mountain bike tracks. There is a very active Facebook group with lots of info https://www.facebook.com/groups/surron/ This was a members post the other day... " Had my first ride on my X today. It arrived Monday evening and it had a flat from shipping. No biggie. Fixed it and then had to wait for a warmer day to ride as temps here in Colorado have been frigid. Today was the day for my maiden voyage. And I am pretty much at a loss for words. I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 10; all shapes and sizes. I raced Moto-x, enduros, rode freestyle, street stunts etc. I live to ride. This was a new addition to my quiver of bikes. And I must say this little SurRon X is absolutely amazing. Now that I’m almost 50, I am mostly a trail rider and my riding style is fast and furious. I love corner slamming and power charging whoops and jumps. I wasn’t sure if this would fit the bill for my riding style but after reading all the reviews about the X, I was sold and I must say those reviews are accurate. The power is amazing and very suitable for hours or enjoyment. I have been hoping for something just like this for 10 years and it’s finally here. This little, nimble rocket ship that acts like a full sized dirt bike is nothing short of amazing. I have another e-mountain bike (jetson) and it’s laughable compared to this. What a POS that I will be selling on Craig’s list so I can buy 2 more of these for my kids. Today I rode 18 miles, mostly all trails mixed in with some bike paths/walking paths and I even found a closed golf course and rode the cart paths at hi speed which was an experience that I highly recommend! It’s almost like street track racing but the turns have angles and grades that will have you throwing some mean airs and drifting your Sur Ron. The speed and power were consistent for my entire ride and after 18 miles my battery level was still 28%. My duration was 2.5 hours and I was hammering it most of the day. I would bet I still had another 10-15 miles left. I do plan to find out just how far I can go while hammering it hard. The braking was impeccable, I could stop on a dime and I could stab my rear and drift corners like it was my KTM. The suspension was impressive (still need to tune this as my compression was too soft today). The ergos were spot on for me. I spent most of the day on my pegs and it didn’t feel cramped as I thought it might (I am 5-11 180lbs). It was perfect for me. Having no clutch to pull in takes a little getting used to as does the left rear brake instead of a foot pedal. I found myself just laughing through sections, like is this really happening ?? The only mistake I made was buying this in December. I don’t know how I’ll survive the next few months of not being able to ride this due to the colder temps. I did notice a small issue- after a hard run of coming down a hill where it’s conducting regen, the throttle has a delay or lag and chops out a little but sometimes. Anyone experience this? Also, any rear brake foot pedals in the works from anyone? I would love to add that. The only way I can summarize how I feel after today is what I said to my wife when I walked in the door after my ride....totally raw with stoke. She asked me how I liked my new toy...and without even thinking, I said “Baby, I have been re-born”. Way to go Sur Ron and Luna Cycles for making my dreams come true. More pics to come....I will selfishly admit I only shot 2 pics because I was having way too much fun to stop and pull out my camera! "
  3. Angrykoala

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    Consider a Beta xTrainer 300 For your kids consider a Sur-ron electric enduro. I actually ride my Sur-ron more than any of my ice bikes. It's a barrel of fun..