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  1. Benny Mac

    What gas should I run?

    I run VPR from VP in my 450
  2. Benny Mac

    fe 250, 350, 450, 501 discuss?

    The 450 was what I wanted because of the power plant. It never leaves me wishing for more and pulls all day on some nasty trails. Im in northern Ct and have access to a wide variety of woodsy single track type riding. Think mtn bike trails. Easily accessed from home after a half mile connecting road. My bike has no problem hitting 65-70 with the gearing I'm running for woods and I'm sumo from it flies right to 100 no sweat. Best bike for the buck in my opinion. Good luck with whatever you choose, you'll have a blast I'm sure
  3. Benny Mac

    fe 250, 350, 450, 501 discuss?

    I have a 2017 Fe450 with all the suspected mods to uncork it's power. This is hands down my favorite bike to ride right now. The feeling of banging through the woods and then stopping for a sammich at my buddies cafe in town is awesome.
  4. Benny Mac

    Stupid owning two pairs of gloves?

    I have about ten pairs of gloves. Mostly because my boys take them all off the time and when I need them they're gone. I buy more and hide them in my helmet until the turds find them again. Then I just get the ones they took originally back again. Reverse psychology? Haha
  5. Benny Mac

    Stupid owning two pairs of gloves?

    I have white gloves, chicks dig them!
  6. I've got 140+- 5 about 3500 miles and still going strong on stock magura
  7. Benny Mac

    Parts polishing or restoration

    That 250 looks fresh!
  8. Benny Mac

    Need help picking new front tire for DS use.

    Shinko! For the price you'll not be disappointed. I'm on my third set of them and won't be switching anytime soon. I too have sumo wheels for summer and when I swap back to dirt wheels I want traction for the rocky, rutted, rooted up northeast woods. The tires are super gummy and hold up surprisingly well on the road connecting trails.
  9. Benny Mac

    Husqvarna title type

    In ct you can leave the dealership with the bike plated just like a car. When I got my 450 last year I rode the bike home. Euro bikes have certificate of origin that state it's a motorcycle and not for closed course only.
  10. Benny Mac

    Radio Questions? Mule Answers.

    In regards to radios and comms while riding moto. What say you about the SENA bluetooth systems? I recently bought a set to communicate with my wife when we ride our bikes together, but have yet to use them as the weather he sucks lately. We ride country roads and local trails together.
  11. Service manager of 40 plus years says take it back. I'd take it back
  12. Benny Mac

    Ktm 450 hard start

    On the bikes with a fan you let them run st idle(do not touch throttle at all) until the fan kicks on then shut it down and restart. This is the procedure for the Fe and excf anyways. Not sure how it works for the mx version.
  13. Benny Mac

    My new, or new to me, 2000 CR250

    The cardboard case with the bolts sticking out of it was great. I did that before also. Nice touch
  14. My bad, I just use gps with ground speed so I don't have to recalibrate when switching offroad again.