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  1. Benny Mac

    Radio Questions? Mule Answers.

    In regards to radios and comms while riding moto. What say you about the SENA bluetooth systems? I recently bought a set to communicate with my wife when we ride our bikes together, but have yet to use them as the weather he sucks lately. We ride country roads and local trails together.
  2. Service manager of 40 plus years says take it back. I'd take it back
  3. Benny Mac

    Ktm 450 hard start

    On the bikes with a fan you let them run st idle(do not touch throttle at all) until the fan kicks on then shut it down and restart. This is the procedure for the Fe and excf anyways. Not sure how it works for the mx version.
  4. Benny Mac

    My new, or new to me, 2000 CR250

    The cardboard case with the bolts sticking out of it was great. I did that before also. Nice touch
  5. My bad, I just use gps with ground speed so I don't have to recalibrate when switching offroad again.
  6. Call dubya in Cali, tell them what you got and they'll send you the wheels laced and ready to mount
  7. Benny Mac

    338 is looking hot!

    Gonna be between 92 and 101 plus all the humidity from yesterday's soaking rain. Gonna be hot for sure, combined with that sand. Should be good.
  8. Benny Mac

    new dr200se wont start

    Dang, not riding does suck. Hope you get it all sorted.
  9. Benny Mac

    new dr200se wont start

    Maybe in their haste the dealer let you leave before battery was good to go and it's just dead. These are the simplest of bikes really and it can't be much other than what was mentioned already. I'm following too see what it was, as my wife has this bike .
  10. Benny Mac

    new dr200se wont start

    My wife has the same bike. Red button out , not pushed in.check Ignition key on .check Clutch in .check Start it up Sometimes the bike is just finicky and you have to repeat the process
  11. Benny Mac

    Boots/foot injury

    Sg12 are the best boots I've owned. A little tight around the ankle until they break in, which wasn't long.
  12. Does that skidder mount just like the stock one? It appears to be quite beefy.
  13. Benny Mac

    Mixing your 2 stroke mix

    Oil in the tank when it's empty then fill with fuel and shake. No issue here
  14. Benny Mac

    Alta Motors Announces the 2019 Redshift EXR

    Greek to me as well. I just see these charging stations going in all over the place up here in CT. I just assumed the charging was the same. Well that sucks! These are very chic and cool but if it can't be charged anywhere but home it's a no go for me.
  15. Benny Mac

    Alta Motors Announces the 2019 Redshift EXR

    I commute 25 miles one way but my company has EV chargers all over the property. The question I don't know the answer to , is the charging cable huge or will it fit in a backpack? Or is it integrated into the bike somehow like the cars are? I think they're pretty trick and would love to try one out.