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  1. Does that skidder mount just like the stock one? It appears to be quite beefy.
  2. Oil in the tank when it's empty then fill with fuel and shake. No issue here
  3. Greek to me as well. I just see these charging stations going in all over the place up here in CT. I just assumed the charging was the same. Well that sucks! These are very chic and cool but if it can't be charged anywhere but home it's a no go for me.
  4. I commute 25 miles one way but my company has EV chargers all over the property. The question I don't know the answer to , is the charging cable huge or will it fit in a backpack? Or is it integrated into the bike somehow like the cars are? I think they're pretty trick and would love to try one out.
  5. Extended range? How far can it go? Can it be charged at one of the EV charging stations that are popping up all over?
  6. Use Tinactin dry spray! Same as you would for athletes foot. Stays dry and is less messy than regular baby powder. Keeps your taint dry!
  7. The 501 deserves some shinko 505 cheaters! I got a ton of mileage on mine and just replaced them after about 500 to 600 trail miles. I don't ride the road if I can help it, but sometimes I have to. They always hook up
  8. Thanks, I inherited this thing and I'm trying to get it right for the kids. Previous owner trashed the rear hub riding it without checking the bolts were tight in the sprocket. The holes are all wallowed out with the bolts broken off inside also.
  9. Yeah I'm trying to figure out what seat to use when I put supermoto shit on. I stand mostly off road sp the seat doesn't bug me but on the road I'd feel it
  10. How's the guts seat on the old bun? I've heard good things about them.
  11. Nice!
  12. New England woods riding. Gnarly, rutted up, super rocky trails through the local woods in Connecticut. Some washed out fire roads and farm access type dirt roads. Occasionally, like now I rode to the local pub for a sammich. Harley guys get all weird when I pull in, Haha. I'm mostly in third gear and the only thing I changed was the countershaft from 14t to 13t which made riding 3rd in the woods easier. I've hit 80 ish on the road before but won't do that again until I have proper street tires. I'm running shinko 505 cheaters which are like gummy bears on the rim. They grip everything
  13. I believe the service intervals are the same for both. I've raced mine twice, but I'm a vet C" class rider imo. I've had to only change oil and air filters regularly. The valves are in spec still. I have 3000 miles and about 85 hours on the motor. I only run VP VPR leaded fuel since new. In my opinion it's better for the valves. To be clear my bike isn't stock. I've swapped maps in the computer, uncorked the motor, and installed an FMF4.1 exhaust. It's set up for woods racing but has a plate so I can cruise around town every once in a while. The next thing I'm doing is buying some supermoto wheels so that I can swap wheels and hit the twisties. Oh I forgot to say it's 2017 FE450.
  14. They're fun, I actually find myself laughing like a little girl everytime I ride it. Next is supermoto wheels .