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  1. Yes I think the problem now sits with the air filter I'm using as it's blocking the bypass holes, would this affect full throttle with no choke on?
  2. I think it's a yx125 engine, as far as history goes I have only had it a couple of weeks, it had a rebuild so new piston and valves etc but because of the clearance there was no filter on it as the one the person had was too big, I not long got a smaller one to fit and not riding it full throttle until a few days ago didn't notice, I will clean the air filter but have also ordered a smaller main jet, would that enable more air into the mixture at full throttle?
  3. I checked my plug it was sparking fine, but I took the air filter off and it runs fine full throttle so is it a smaller main jet I need?
  4. It's just a pit bike 125 manual so nothing special
  5. So I ride my bike fine but as soon as I am full throttle the revs drop and pick up and drop over and over without me loosening the throttle I don't know what it could be any help would be appreciated.