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  1. Well, I was working on the little 2001 xr80r for my nephew for Thanksgiving but the bike is cursed (for now)... Busted my knuckles and not even a pop. I had a 1989 XR100 that I was 'restoring' that I fast tracked for him as a backup. That bike was bought not running but it had a gummed up intake runner and the flywheel was on wrong. Cleaned it, painted it, timed it out, put the Chinese Carb on it and it starts first kick. He was going to grow out of the XR80r anyway and I'm thinking about tackling it when I get back from Thanksgiving on the Farm for his sister this spring ;-).
  2. I have 2 carbs and both are full of fuel when I take them off and switch them. One is new so it should be OK. Even out of spec, I should get it to at least try to fire.
  3. Will try again with the Gas and ditch the fluid and see if I get a pop.... I figured with the new carb, tank, gas and spark it would at least try to fire. Thanks!
  4. Doesn't feel like too much compression, but it does blow your finger off the hole. Strange how it's getting spark and no fire even with starting fluid. Might try again with no carb but something is up.
  5. Well, I thought the timing was off. I have another 89xr100 that I was having issues with and saw it was out of time too. I timed it correctly and now it runs good. The 2001 xr80r seemed like it was out of time too so I advanced it forward a half a link and now it lines up correctly at T... I was feeling good that it would start because it seemed out of time but again it would just kick, kick, kick with nothing, not even a pop. We have spark, swapped the plug, new and old carb, lots of gas, tried starter fluid and not even a pop. Can the CDI box be bad? They are pretty inexpensive on FleaBay and i wonder if the problem is from the CDI box. It is really the only thing I have left.... I double checked everything, spark, air, fuel and nothing. This little bike is driving me crazy. Do you think a bad CDI box would do this? I just don't get it, had my Dad over to have another set of eyes but after all the time, parts, etc, nothing.... Dad mentioned maybe a burnt valve wasn't seating but the engine looks super clean and the valves go up and down OK. I'll probably get a CDI box for it, but I'm at a loss. One thing is when I turn the flywheel and it gets to opening the intake port there is a sucking sound up near the carb. I figured this was normal but there is a little resistance and a sound up by the carb. Thanks! ... just saw a bike on CraigsList and said it was sitting and wont start. His Dad said it was probably a valve seat.... It was a crf80 and was sitting "I loved this bike when I was a kid but my grades slipped and my dad took it away it has been sitting for the last 5 years and won't start idk why I don't know a lot about motors but my dad says it might be a valve seat"... better keep your grades up
  6. But that translates to maybe 1 Inch on the flywheel making the magnet off the sensor when it is supposed to fire.... before I got the bike the chain came off and broke off the stator sensor mount etc which might have made it skip the cam chain but I'm not sure. Still can't get it to fire at all and the plug firing at the wrong time will cause this. I'll try to line everything up but will need to pull the rocker arms assembly to move the chain forward on the sprocket. I appreciate the help and insights and hope to get it to fire... ­čĆü
  7. I think it migh have skipped on the cam chain... tried setting carb to spec, starting fluid and nothing. Then I looked at the timing again and it's not at the T when top dead center on the flywheel. It's over to the right at a 2.6? Number. I've uploaded a couple pics and maybe you can tell it it skipped a tooth or if the timing is off. First one shows the flywheel at T and the second is where the cam sprocket mark is. Third shows sprocket at top dead center (piston too) and last pic shows flywheel when sprocket at top dead center.
  8. I've had 2 carbs on it and it has a new tank / petcock with gas... I'll give it a go tomorrow with the starting fluid and see if I can get it to turn over and fire. I've heard it run, but not for long and I was spraying it with fluid then... Thought it was a carb issue and got the new carb, neither work, old one is installed now. Rocker cover is off and looks good for timing. Any way to easily check the valves to see if they are opening and closing? Thanks for the help, would like to get it going for my nephew but no good deed goes unpunished....
  9. Not too sure about compression. It's little bike and always felt light when kicking it off and not sure about the valves, lash etc, except that there was no intake rocker play when I first set the valves back to spec. Now they both rock a little when TDC. I'm wondering if a valve is not moving good in the valve seat and wonder if I could use Marvel oil or similar to lube it. The plug looks pretty dry but smells like gas some. Nothing has been apart in the top end, flywheel goes on with the notch with all the T - F, etc set correct. I got it as a project and the bike originally threw a chain and broke the magneto, mount, etc. Put the new ignition in and it started once with starting fluid (I think) then stopped, but sounded nice and XR like, but stopped running. Thought it was the carb and got and aftermarket one which usually helps but hasn't cranked at all since. I'll spray the starter fluid again to see if I can get it at least to turn over and fire but some of it might be blowing by the intake valve enough to start it. Thanks for the encouragement and I think she will run.
  10. Leaning towards a bent intake valve... I found a thread about a xr80 having a bent valve and it seemed like a similar issue that I'm having. They say blow air through the spark plug hole to see if it was seating.... I have a feeling this might be my problem because I think it's not letting fuel in and not firing at all. The idea that it has good spark and doesn't even pop shows it's probably a fuel issue. I'll read a little more about the valves and I have a lot of XR100 parts and wonder if the valves are the same size between the two. Anyway, any help is appreciated and I'm still hoping to get it to run. Thanks! Sounds like it might be a bent valve or stuck valve in the guide from stale gas.... -->
  11. Thanks for the replies. I put the old carb back on, checked all the connections, ground, CDI Box, etc, Bike is Getting nice Blue Spark, plenty of fuel in the tank + original and new carb, put a different plug in, kick it over and nothing. Not even a pop. I double checked the valves and rocker arms move a little at TDC and I set them a couple weekends ago. The ignition system is off ebay and is new and seems OK. Is there something wierd like a oil level sensor where if it's too high / low it wont start? I saw on a youtube video about a compression release spring under the cam that kept a xr400? from starting.... I wonder about compression, but it pops my finger off and even low compression should attempt to start, but this bike just kicks over (and over) with nothing. Not sure about something like a bent valve or something like that because I've heard it start, but maybe only with the starting fluid because it wouldn't keep running and the reason why I bought the new carb. I've worked on lots of things but this little XR80r has got me to my wits end. I took the pipe off to make sure there wasn't a lizard inside but still nothing. The bike looks clean and is one of the 'newer' hondas I have (81XR200r, 83xl125s, 73CB350f, 72CL350) but has given me nothing but trouble. I have another 89XR100 that I'm trying to get together as a spare if I can't get the XR80r running, but it has a broken exhaust stud / bolt that doesn't want to come out (why only 2 I don't know... 3 would at least work if one broke...) Tried 2 nut trick but not enough threads, might try to find a small bolt shaft size extractor.... Anyway, I'm getting miffed at both, but the XR80r has been the worst. I think the XR100 will start as it's getting good spark too, but who knows at this point.
  12. I have a 2001 Honda XR80r that I'm getting together for my nephew that has been nothing but problems. I've heard it start, but run only briefly and now it wont even pop. I have a new ignition system, spark plug, carb, tank, and it has a blue spark. I have no clue what's causing it. I thought it might be the magnet of the flywheel because it was chipped and not too magnetic. Replaced it with another and still nothing. It kicks over OK and I heard it run before and it sounded decent, just shut off after a while which prompted me to get a new carb. I had to kick it like crazy to get it spinning so it would start then, which is why I thought it might be the flywheel magnet. This is beyond frustrating and I'm beginning to think the little bastard is cursed or something. Might take it down to the stealership for diagnosis because I'm at my wits end. Is there anything I'm missing that would keep it from running? The carb is new, I timed it out and the valves are set OK. Any help is appreciated.
  13. pimpride

    2001 xr80 no spark - wiring issues?

    Does anyone else have a similar set up on their harness? Are the wires for the kill switch and key?
  14. pimpride

    2001 xr80 no spark - wiring issues?

    Thanks. I'll let you know. I think the wires are for a kill switch and a key. The green and ground go to the kill switch and the black/white wires are for the key. Seems like the need to be open to work. If I twist either together I don't get any reading on my multimeter when I kick it over. I think the coil is bad and need to test it. Any more insight to these wires is appreciated.
  15. pimpride

    2001 xr80 no spark - wiring issues?

    I'm getting a spike on my multi meter from the generator and also up to the coil terminals when I kick the bike. It might be the coil or wire. The wires off the harness look to be for a kill switch and key ignition. It might be a different harness... if I ground these wires I don't get the spike when I kick it. I'm probably going to go by the Honda shop to test the coil and wire. Can't do much without spark. Thanks