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    Arrow, EJK, K&N....Now What?

    See this video for Pair Valve removal.
  2. yumpladukfoo

    Arrow, EJK, K&N....Now What?

    Hello apexal, I am new here and I am going through the same tribulations. I have recently purchased a 2016 CRF250M and installed a Thai handmade SS full system with a megabomb from Moto X (174.00 dollars!!). You can find them on FaceBook. (In developing countries we have an advantage of cheap labor and cheap materials.) My CRF250M, as is your bike, is made here in Thailand where I live. I changed the stock air filter to a Hurricane SS mesh filter. Putting extra holes and/or removing the stock snorkel don't do anything much at all. The amount of air entering your bike is predominately determined by your filter. A man can breathe underwater through a straw. I also changed the front sprocket to a 13T, and stayed with the stock 39T rear. The CRF250M has 17" wheels, so that is the same set up as your bike which has a rear 18" wheel and stock 40T sprocket. You will lose a tad on the top end, but well worth it. Changing sprockets (gear ratio) will give you BEST bang for the buck, and most noticeable increase in torque and acceleration. Now....to your EJK....because not all exhaust systems are the same, and not all filters are either, the EJK settings will depend on your set-up. See this YouTube video for starters. I have my settings on G1.5 Y3 R5 GB5 YB3.5 RB4. If this is confusing to you, relax, it was for me, too. Go to the Dobeck site if you wanna see the factory settings for your bike. Also, when programming your EJK, know that the Mode button, and plus/minus, are sensitive, so tap quickly and release. See this video: If you're worried about the Pair Valve, relax, it only adds cool air to your burnt exhaust, it is there to clean up with the stock exhaust, since you don't have that anymore, you needn't worry about polluting the air...you will be with the new exhaust. LOL. Just make sure you set your EJK GB (Green Blue) switch point setting at 4, or higher, I set mine at 5, to avoid the "stall" when decelerating. I had the same problem when stopping for a red light, it stalled on me twice in one day. As for the bike's ECU "learning" your new set-up and fixing a stall problem on its own....sounds like bullshit to me, I could be wrong. But, set your EJK GB to 5, and will stop stalling, as did mine. I haven't plugged my Pair Valve, because all you get is some popping when decelerating. I might do it anyway. Leave the EVAP cannister alone. See this vid: Well, there ya have it. That was my homework, I hope it helps you out. Live Free, Ride Free!!
  3. Hello MG, Thank you for the correction, I think I had too many beers that day when I thought I saw "13T" stamped on the front sprocket, but I checked it again after you replied and I saw "14T". I'll follow your advice and see if the upgrades I have thus far are enough for what I'm looking for. If not, I'll try changing to a 13T front sprocket as well. Thanks again, you've been very helpful and it's much appreciated.
  4. Hello all, I have a 2016 CRF250M with 17 inch wheels, it comes stock with 13T front sprocket, 39T rear. What do you guys recommend I change it to for the rear? I want to improve acceleration in traffic. I have the Dobeck EJK, Hurricane stainless air filter, A Thai made copy of the FMF Q4 w/ Powerbomb, all of which has yet to be installed as I want to do everything at once.