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  1. BRADS

    Honda says 15 hours on oil???

    I do mine every 3-4 hours Seems cheap insurance to me
  2. Had my 19 for a month now in Nz, can honestly say it's the best bike I've ridden everything just works. I did not ride a 18 to compare it to, have owned a heap of 450s and 250 2 bangers and can say this is better for me all round buy far. Was worried coming off a 18 crf 450 I would miss the power but nope.
  3. BRADS

    Traction Control Usability

    I race cross country in Nz on a 2017 450xc. I have to disagree with the above posts and say in real crap conditions its awesome. I can compare it the 2016 xc and say its way better
  4. Could also be the stem is not all the way up? I had this exact problem when fitting a steering dampner to my 350. Solved problem buy getting mrs to hold forks up while i did up steering head.