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  1. my crf250r front forks wont compress fully but only when there on the bike!? I read that it could be because of the clamp bolts being too tight but I pulled them out as loose as I could get them and forks still only compress about a quarter of there travel and stick. when i pull them off the bike they compress PERFECTLY but the second i mount things up they start sticking and not wanting to compress. ive pulled the front wheel off and back on 2 times now and made sure i did everything correctly. what else could be going wrong!!?? by the way even when all the hardware tightening the wheel on are lose the forks still wont function.
  2. Fixed it, went back to 42 pilot jet adjusted pin to second slot so it's running a bit more lean and no more bog nig nog
  3. They went from a 42 on the slow jet and bumped it up to a 45. They said the accelerator pump looked fine. Maybe it's running too rich and I should go back down to a 40? Being that the 45 made it worse.
  4. I will as soon as there open, they closed at four so I'll know tomorrow.
  5. Would they have re-built the accelerator pump when they cleaned the carb? If not than I guess I'll start on it.
  6. I want to say it was the main jet.. I think I'm going to just order a JD kit and put that in and see if it makes a difference.
  7. Just finished completely rebuilding my bike because I got water in my cylinder aside from that before it would bog when i got on the throttle and now its worse after rebuilding. (I thought it was a jet dirty or plugged). I had my honda dealer throw in a bigger jet and clean the carb and i did everything else (cleaned everything inside and out in the top end). fired it up and everything was good but now the bog is worse than before and it will die when unless i get off the throttle quick. I dont think its the accelerator pump because my dealership would have said something when they pulled apart the carb? and i can see it shooting a good amount of gas in when i hit the throttle. so what else could it be?
  8. jensenskates

    2012 crf450r bog

    Oh right fuel Injection. The reason my jets where the problem was because they where old and just nasty. Just was trying to help happened to have the same problem.. And jetting requirements would change after a new exhaust
  9. jensenskates

    2012 crf450r bog

    I've got the same problem, Honda said new jets so I'm waiting on my carb back now.. Mines just an 04 but I've got the exact same issue. Backfired before but new gas and new plug fixed everything but the bog when I got on the throttle
  10. jensenskates

    crf250r filled with MUDDY WATER

    Update, rebuilt the top end and threw in a stage 1 hot cam and went ahead and did valve adjustment on the way. Waiting on the carb back from Honda and things should be good! Thanks for the help, I pulled tons of sand out of the cylinder...
  11. jensenskates

    crf250r filled with MUDDY WATER

    Okay will do.. I found that I got lucky and it was in its power stroke when it was flooded so I was a able to tip the bike over and "drain" it through the intake, most everything came out but the rest I flushed through the cylinder with gas. Probably going to pull the head today
  12. jensenskates

    crf250r filled with MUDDY WATER

    So I really screwed up tonight... Went on a ride earlier and my rear fender broke off so I rode home through some mud because it rained earlier. Well mud ended up all over my intake and than my poor little brother wanted to help out and pressure washed my bike. Well he pressure washed mud into my intake.. I've pulled everything apart except for my head wondering if there's a way I can clean my internals up without messing with timing/cam?