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  1. Older Rider

    de-smog injection valve plug size?

    This what I did on my FE501 too, went to the local KTM dealer, they had the pieces in stock. Used a standard JIS M6 x 12 to plug the threaded hole by the carb (brass nipple threaded out fairly easily)
  2. Older Rider

    2009 KTM 250 XCF-W a smart buy?

    Seems like a good deal but lots to check as others have said. I would do a compression test on the engine.
  3. Older Rider

    You dream 2 bikes

    Got 'em both already! '17 FE501 and '19 TE300i
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  5. Looking for advice; I have a new Seat Concepts cover and foam to install on my TE300i plastic seat base The standard heavy duty staple guns I have will not drive a staple through the seat base. I plan to buy a new staple gun, but want to get the right one the first time. Looking at electric What kind/brand of staple gun works best for this?
  6. Older Rider

    Transworld MX ending its magazine...

    Still a good print magazine in this country: Cycle Canada but their fortunes are declining too. Too much digital competition. Quite a few years ago they went from 12 to 10 issues per year, now they have reduced it some more. Great editorial content, fair and honest bike tests I've subscribed to it since the early 1970's when you got a subscription with your CMA membership (CMA was the premier sanctioning body for m/c racing in Canada until about the '90s) They sold life subscriptions in the early '80s for about 200 bucks, but I did not trust them to last that long, should have done it.
  7. Older Rider

    What do you use for washing

    I use a product called S-100 Total Cycle Cleaner (bought a couple large jugs years ago) works well for me, though when I run out I'll try some of the suggestions above, S-100 is expensive.
  8. Older Rider

    Bears Oh My

    When I was but a mere lad, riding my Kawasaki along a cool dirt road winding through a pine forest, upon a sow and cub I did come. True, I was riding quickly, for the road was smooth and the curves were gentle. Also true is that my motorcycle was quiet. I can only surmise that she did not hear me coming. The sow and my front wheel got close enough together to shake a paw, or so it seemed. The bike and I did the world's fastest sliding 180, and it seemed to me that I lost no momentum, just changed direction. While frantically fleeing I chanced a glance over my shoulder to see how close death was to my rear fender, and saw the back end of a sow and cub running hard in the opposite direction. I will admit that a great sense of relief swept over me at that moment. A: it was not my time to die B: I did not defecate in my drawers. (Black bear)
  9. Older Rider

    My WInter Build : 2004 YZ 125 (134 , SSS swap)

    Good job. I appreciate your attention to detail. The bike looks like new.
  10. Older Rider

    Zip Tie Shootout: What's the best brand?

    Another vote for T & B zip ties/tywraps. They used to be 'free' at work, now I have to buy them. I used the 5277 type to quickly assemble a steel mesh fence along a road, to keep my cows in. Planned to go back and weld the mesh to the steel cross bars at a later date. The tywraps worked well and we kind of forgot about them for a couple years (well okay maybe it was 4 or 5 years) When I went to do the welding, was surprised to find the tywraps were still holding, still malleable, did the welding anyway. Always carry a few around for what have you type repairs.
  11. In the late sixties when I was 11 a neighbour kid got a Keystone mini bike for his birthday, let me ride it, and that was me, hooked on motorized two wheelers. My Dad had encouraged me from an early age to collect bottles, scrap copper etc for the refunds so I had the $200.00 to buy my own brand new Keystone (the deluxe model, with spring front suspension!) Helmets were not required apparently, at least no one told us we should. Have been riding some kind of two wheeler ever since. Entered my first cross country race in 1972 on a 125 Suzuki Last fall traded my Ducati and a fist full of dollars for a '19 TE300i.
  12. Add to that some ordinary wax (like from candles) sweated into the offending fastener/joint using that heat. Works very well
  13. Older Rider

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    Another suggestion: put some methyl hydrate in the gas that may have water in it and just use it in what ever motor you want to. Methyl Hydrate will absorb the water and will just burn in the engine with the gasoline. (it is used to thaw frozen gas lines in case you get water in your fuel) I buy it in gallon/4 litre jugs. It is also sold as Gas Line Antifreeze in little bottles.
  14. Older Rider

    Best Ramp Type/Length

    You did not say if cost was an issue, but I would just go with what sly_one suggested, 2 wooden 2 x 6 planks. Get the metal offsets (to transition plank to tail gate) fabbed at a sheet metal shop for a half dozen beer, carriage bolt them to one end of each plank. I have never used a tie back to the truck so a plank does not slip, but it sounds like a good idea. Screw some wooden cleats to one of the planks as a foot hold, while you're walking the bike up the other plank. They will be light and cheap and work just fine. Use the money you saved to buy good tie downs. I have used various folding metal ramps belonging to friends, they are nice but a plank does the job.
  15. Old Ancras (35 to 40 years old) work for me, I have some old Erickson's (similar to Ancra) that aren't as good but are still preferable to nearly any ratchet strap I have seen or used. I once came across a 4 wheeler at the side of the road on a lonely highway. It was quite beat up, looked like it had been in a bad crash. I looked around the area for an injured rider, found no one. Came back to look at the machine some more, noticed the ragged ends of a couple of those cheap ratchet straps still hanging off the handlebars then noticed that there was quite a bit of scarring on the tarmac nearby (Aha!) Concluded it must have fallen off the trailer full of bikes being towed behind a camper truck that had passed us a few miles back.