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  1. Next year, new look (tank, front fender, stickers), same place (MotoCove, VA)
  2. 1 for me. I like keep things original if they work.
  3. That's a pretty good one. Or the last line could be: "That information will cost you $400."
  4. Well I don't get it. Why should any offer offend you? It's another option for you and you have a right to choose to accept it or not. In this case the other guy was honest judging from your story. You were not. So it was you who contributed to the bad reputation of the CL this time.
  5. Well there is a chance it was crappy for both of you. Mechanical things can break down. And perhaps he did not do anything wrong, just a coincidence. But when you buy a used thing you should know that there is a risk it will not be perfect.
  6. And if the battery is fine then starter itself. Brushes and then everything else.
  7. Find someone experienced and let him hear it. That "ticking" sound can be anything, really. Sounds are pretty hard to describe.
  8. My 2007 US E subframe. Just plastics behind the seat. And yes, as you can easily notice, it's a DIRT bike!
  9. Fixed it for you
  10. I'm not so sure there is smth blue. perhaps just light. see the bore for a head bolt? it appears blue also. And in other pic with a flash there's nothing blue. It's really hard to judge from pics. Perhaps your'e right, perhaps not. when it will be taken apart, owner can check the surfaces if they are smooth.
  11. IIRC his engine was seized. Perhaps it would turn the other way though.
  12. Can't say much from this view. Take the head off then you'll see what's wrong. These camshaft surfaces have to be with mirror finish and no scratches - that's basically what you can check while just the cover is off. You could also check clearances and timing, but that's irrelevant at this stage as you'll have to do it again anyways. And yes, EX side cover looks weird. I would say that it has been sitting outside in bad conditions for a while and then reused.
  13. I couldn't find any 3x5" lights when I was looking for a replacement. ended up with new stock light housing and a cheap LED bulb as I almost don't ride on streets. It gives plenty of light, but it's not focused for "low". Bought it form ebay, it's not available any more, but probably you can find something similar. It's a little bit too big, barely fits, but is usable. For E model the key is BA20D. That will fit in place of original bulb.
  14. Just go out and ride it without pushing it and many questions will be unneeded after a while. If you downshifted from 2nd to 1st at 30mph+: it's not a way to do it though. To feel how are you downshifting do not press the clutch and downshift all the way you think you need, but release the clutch after each gear with smooth motion, don't just drop it. It can be fast (later), but needs to be smooth. Also it will help with braking. I always downshift like than on the bike. I blip a throttle also for easier shift but be careful with that until you get used to it. If you wanna try it do it slowly at first: Press the clutch; blip of throttle/downshift almost simultaneously; release the clutch; repeat if needed. When rolling I don't usually downshift to 1st except when offroading and approaching a steep hill climb or hard obstacle asking for a 1st. Usually you can just use 2nd. If you are stopping there's no point to switch to 1st while rolling too. Just go down to 2nd, then Neutral and stop. If you can find a riding buddy, better if experienced, it will help also to answer your questions. Even if he's not experienced, you can share.
  15. Cool colors. Could you post it in higher resolution?