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  1. When I bought the bike I had read nothing about this specific issue. I had one friend warn me but I dismissed his advice after ready ALL the comparaison tests online. I rode that thing with an open mind and zero prejudice. And found myself craving front end feel. Riding that yz250 was like a deliverance. I am seriously torn. I either sell my 450 xcf or work through that issue but I won't ride it he way it is without trying to improve front end feel.
  2. well, I am new to the mx world, I am a road racer that still competes, bought a 450 xcf to stay in race shape between track days and races, and to have fun with friends, plan to do 70/30 trail/track stuff. I just took my 2016 xc-f 450 and gotta say I wasn't impressed with the front end. I say that after riding a crf450r, a 2017 yz450fx and a 2016 yz250. bith yamahas front end felt so much more confidents inspiring, not really in swallowing bumps on the trail but going into corners doing track stuff. that yz250 just begged to be pushed and handled, where I felt I was &%$#@! footing on my xc-f. we inveted the roles and the (very) experienced owner of the yz250 tried my bike and complained about the same thing, lack of feel. I had read thread about the WP 4cs stuff and have countless friends that warned me but..... anyhow, I will give these guys a call (nost suspension). I am located in L.A and that shop seems pretty close to me. other friends that compete told me "don't even waste your time and buy ohlins cartridges, it'll save you time, and ultimately money, and the front end will feel great..." man I wish I had bought a yz250...