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  1. Bellacoolarider

    Radiator protection

    Not as good looking as the Force (You have to stick your face in there to admire ir)but it does the job.
  2. Bellacoolarider

    Radiator protection

    I have the Unabiker on my DRZ400sm and that thing is solid. I'm an expert at crashing in the woods of BC that are full of rocks and roots. No problems at all.
  3. Bellacoolarider

    Riding by yourself

    I ride alone sometimes in the woods of British Columbia. I carry tools, spare inner tubes, medical kit, bear spray (In Grizzly country), lots of water and power bars. But most importantly I carry Inreach satellite two way communicator. BUY ONE! the unit is expensive but it is life insurance! Monthly fee is only about $ 30 a month. When riding season is done, it goes down to $ 3 per month. I can tell my friends to come and get me. If it is bad, I can get professional help wherever I am. If I am dead, my body can be found because I share a link of my tracked route with my wife and friends and this device is always in my pants pocket.
  4. Bellacoolarider

    Fuel mixture screw help

    My bad, it's been in front of my nose the whole time (Need to get my eyes checked again). Every thing has been done already. Thank you very much guys. Ed
  5. Bellacoolarider

    Fuel mixture screw help

    Hello gents Bought DRZ that's been modified with after market exhaust, and 3x3 hole. The carb has a 155 main jet, and the clip is on the # 2 position. However, the fuel mixture plug was not removed. So if the mode calls for turning the mixture screw a specific number of turns, how was this achieved? I've had this bike for about one year and it runs great! I'm just doing maintenance and decided to clean the carb. I live in Vancouver, Canada so at sea level. First time doing this so be gentle please and thanks. Ed.