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  1. Zach440

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Shinko 705 150/70-17 rear 120/90-17 front They are ok... takes getting used too. The front end feels heavier but if you really want to do some dirt it's a decent compromise. It's also about 120$ for the set and they last FOREVER
  2. Zach440

    Sorry but have another jetting question

    She runs great now wide open through all 5 gears .
  3. Zach440

    Sorry but have another jetting question

    Well hot damn that did the trick.. who would have thought . Thanks a million!
  4. Zach440

    Sorry but have another jetting question

    Don't mean to thread jack , but I'm having an issue as well maybe you can help me with. I jetted my stock carb 2 years ago using the jd jet kit. Blue needle clip at 4th notch, 160 jet. I have never had an issue until recently when at wide open throttle heavy load. Every time it was extremely windy and I was going against it (heavy load). Fuel screw is set 2.5 turns out . 2009 sm, 3x3 , mrdssw with quiet baffle and spark arrestor, jd jet kit with above specs. Live in northern va at around 300ft elevation. All occurrences happened in heavy wind, under 50 degrees temp wise. Bike had been running for 10-15 min plus to give you an idea on temp. Only happens in 4th or 5th gear heavy throttle. Feels like it starts running really really lean all of a sudden. No leaks , carb was cleaned already so don't think it's that. Spark plug looks ok.. it is original though. I really feel like it's starving for fuel when it happens . Popping bogging until I release throttle and slow down . Help!
  5. Zach440

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    First post , I'll share my steed 2009 drz400sm