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  1. drew2410

    sfx 450 2014 model help please

    what ever the problem is this is their last chance to sort it as this will be the forth or fith time to get the bike sorted if not then the bike will be returned as not fit for purpose and a refund given
  2. drew2410

    sfx 450 2014 model help please

    the fuses have been checked and were fine but replaced with new anyway just to be sure
  3. drew2410

    sfx 450 2014 model help please

    that would explain the not starting after its been stood 24 hours but once its started it should produce enough power to run the fuel pump and to top the battery up without haveing to use the jump pack to restart it every time but will get them to check it out anyway and thanks for the reply
  4. drew2410

    sfx 450 2014 model help please

    thanks for the quick reply will check fuses tommorow as bike is locked away at my sons work when e we plugged the charger in it went straight to trickle storage charge so if fuses are ok then that means its got to be the starter the charging system is producing a fairly constant 13.7 volts weve been advised to also check the earth for a good contact
  5. hi new to here we are from leeds england hope someone can help ive only run 2 strokes before back in the day last bike was a rm 250 1985 model my son baught a 450 sfx from a reputable dealer 2 weeks ago and weve had nothing but trouble with it when he brought it home it ran fine but then started to run rough as if searching for fuel then rufused to start so we replaced the battery and took it to the local track where it started but again after 5 minuets warming it up it ran rough and didnt rev out we took the bike back and left it with them they charged the battery and checked the charging system and we picked the bike back up we went straight to the track where it did exactley the same so took it back again they said an injecter was blocked and the fuel line was kinked and the throttle sencer was off charged the battery and we picked it up again the same as before it doesnt hold any charge so went back and they replaced the regulater put it its 3rd battery on and they ran it round to check it so we picked it up and took it to the track yesturday and all seems fine however today we went to the bike and again it wont start without the jump pack it runs fine but after 20 minuets we stalled it and as if the battery was flat refused to start untill we put the jump pack on they are comeing to pick the bike up from us on monday for its fourth trip back to them in two weeks sorry for the long post but wanted to get all the story out to see if anyone had simular problems and how to cure it