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  1. tythebuilder

    XR400 AC and DC lighting Help!

    The Stock regulator is fine, I just didnt want to overload it with the other lights im putting on. I'm pretty sure I checked the ac alone after the regulator, but i will double check when i pick my bike up from my brothers. There should be no reason the ac regulator should not work when hooked up to a full bridge rectifier right?
  2. tythebuilder

    XR400 AC and DC lighting Help!

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with the DC setup on my bike. I have kept the old AC setup for the headlight and tail light, but I have a ricky stator so I am also running a DC setup. The DC setup is a Trail tech regulator that regulates the voltage off the stator, and then from there I have it going into a Bridge rectifier to make the DC. The problem I am having is the voltage after the rectifier is not very regulated, it will go all the way up to 30+ volts DC, this is measured without a load so I know its gonna be a bit less with a load, but why is it so high? The reason I have not gotten a Trailtech Reg/Rec is because i have already had 2 of them fail, so i opted for the cheaper regulator and put my own rectifier in ><
  3. tythebuilder

    Dreaded white smoke

    Thanks, I actually noticed that when the bike warms up its stops smoking, only when i rev it high does it smoke. That could mean valves right? I know in the original post I mention it smokes continuously, but I did not actually ride it for 20 min and then see, I just let it idle for 10 minutes and thats where i got that conclusion.
  4. tythebuilder

    Dreaded white smoke

    Just did clutch and steering stem bearings yesterday, will the bike be just as reliable with the 440? like can the components last with the added power?
  5. tythebuilder

    Dreaded white smoke

    Hey guys, ive got a bit of a smoke problem on my 2000 XR400. It started smoking in the summer and progressively got worse, I will probably need to get a top end rebuild done but it i don't to it would be nice. If it is valve seals i can do it myself, but I dont want the stress of putting in new rings as it will be my first time. My bike smokes within 20 seconds of cold starting it, and then continues to smoke constantly even when warmed up, the thing burns through a liter of oil in no time ><. anyways, ive attached a video of it just after startup, let me know what ya think. And what is a fair price to have someone change the rings on it? Thanks