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  1. Looking for info/opinions/options on the best Green Sticker bike for track riding. Looking for something for all season riding in California. 6 months out of the year... my riding is restricted. Looking for something full size or similar to a 250 four stroke. Not looking for a trail bike...
  2. Checked out the Gaerne line. They seem to run a little wider than normal.. Still a bit tight, but I think they will work... Thanks.
  3. Yea, I am kind of looking for a spark arrestor/silencer combo... (California Legal). Having a hard time finding anything for my bike. There are a few "Universal Fit" products. But some of them look cheap. I want something that is going to last. I saw a spark arrestor can, but from what I could tell.. it was louder than stock. That's not OK for my situation.
  4. California

    Hey all. Just getting back into things. Next Month or so (and on from there hopefully) I will be out riding at Club Moto and/or Carnegie.. In the Tracy/Livermore area. I will be the slowest guy out there, falling over at regular intervals.. But, if anyone has ridden these spots or will be riding these spots... say a quick hey. My body/health is in terrible shape, so... trying to get out there again for a while before I get too old to have some fun. I've reached the point where everything on my body hurts... and I haven't even started yet... not good. Wish me luck... Take care, hope to hear from/see some of you around.
  5. Anyone have any recommendations? As far as..... cost, ease of installation, reliability. Thanks.
  6. Hey all, I can't seem to find a pair of boots that are wide enough. If I go up a size or size and a half... sure, but my feet are floating around in the boot. Anyone know of a boot that runs a bit wider than normal? Thanks.
  7. Yea, I found it... Not sure how I missed it... thanks.
  8. Oh... nice. I went to the Honda site and didn't see this bike... was looking for it. I thought they stopped making it... Thanks.
  9. Hey all. New to this forum... seems to be the place to go for info. So, my friend has been riding a CRF125... and is wanting/needing more power/capability. For someone that is about 5'0" getting onto a full size frame is not really an option. It can be done with some mods.. but trying to avoid that. I am assuming that the Kawasaki KX100 would be the best performance option for a medium sized bike. Probably going to start there... Anyone else have a suggestion?... Thanks.
  10. If you are trying to fix this without spending any money.... Mess around with the suspension settings... Make 1 change at a time to see what happens... You mentioned a friend knows suspension and he will be helping. If settings don't fix it.... I would try to take 1 link out of your chain... and shorten the wheelbase. Should take some of the weight off the front. Not sure it will work... but if you have a chain tool... it's free. And, if it doesn't work... put link back in. Good luck.