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  1. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    Best Moto X Green Sticker Bike

    Looking for info/opinions/options on the best Green Sticker bike for track riding. Looking for something for all season riding in California. 6 months out of the year... my riding is restricted. Looking for something full size or similar to a 250 four stroke. Not looking for a trail bike...
  2. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    Boots For Wide Feet.

    Checked out the Gaerne line. They seem to run a little wider than normal.. Still a bit tight, but I think they will work... Thanks.
  3. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    2017 YZ250F Spark Arrestor

    Yea, I am kind of looking for a spark arrestor/silencer combo... (California Legal). Having a hard time finding anything for my bike. There are a few "Universal Fit" products. But some of them look cheap. I want something that is going to last. I saw a spark arrestor can, but from what I could tell.. it was louder than stock. That's not OK for my situation.
  4. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    California Back After 30 Years (Ish)

    Hey all. Just getting back into things. Next Month or so (and on from there hopefully) I will be out riding at Club Moto and/or Carnegie.. In the Tracy/Livermore area. I will be the slowest guy out there, falling over at regular intervals.. But, if anyone has ridden these spots or will be riding these spots... say a quick hey. My body/health is in terrible shape, so... trying to get out there again for a while before I get too old to have some fun. I've reached the point where everything on my body hurts... and I haven't even started yet... not good. Wish me luck... Take care, hope to hear from/see some of you around.
  5. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    2017 YZ250F Spark Arrestor

    Anyone have any recommendations? As far as..... cost, ease of installation, reliability. Thanks.
  6. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    Boots For Wide Feet.

    Hey all, I can't seem to find a pair of boots that are wide enough. If I go up a size or size and a half... sure, but my feet are floating around in the boot. Anyone know of a boot that runs a bit wider than normal? Thanks.
  7. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    Highest Performing Bike For Short Riders

    Yea, I found it... Not sure how I missed it... thanks.
  8. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    Highest Performing Bike For Short Riders

    Oh... nice. I went to the Honda site and didn't see this bike... was looking for it. I thought they stopped making it... Thanks.
  9. Hey all. New to this forum... seems to be the place to go for info. So, my friend has been riding a CRF125... and is wanting/needing more power/capability. For someone that is about 5'0" getting onto a full size frame is not really an option. It can be done with some mods.. but trying to avoid that. I am assuming that the Kawasaki KX100 would be the best performance option for a medium sized bike. Probably going to start there... Anyone else have a suggestion?... Thanks.
  10. Brian P In Stockton Ca

    When I jump my bike nose dives?

    If you are trying to fix this without spending any money.... Mess around with the suspension settings... Make 1 change at a time to see what happens... You mentioned a friend knows suspension and he will be helping. If settings don't fix it.... I would try to take 1 link out of your chain... and shorten the wheelbase. Should take some of the weight off the front. Not sure it will work... but if you have a chain tool... it's free. And, if it doesn't work... put link back in. Good luck.