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  1. dirtydualy350

    xt225 wont idle right

    Thanks for the tips. I tried spraying the boot, but there was no noticable difference in the rpms, which is good. Then I pulled the carb... 1000 curses to the guy I bought this from. I think he used the bikes tool kit for everything he ever did to the bike, and he loved locktite. If I had a dollar for every pre stripped screw I wrestled out of this thing I could just go buy a new one. Does anyone have any idea how to get a stripped pilot jet out , because Ive got nothing. Thanks
  2. dirtydualy350

    xt225 wont idle right

    Ive got a 94 xt 225 that has recently been giving me alot of problems. About a month ago I had to replace the stator because the bike would only run for a few blocks before dying out, and then not start back up. I replaced that, and then it was hard to start, and after it got started it would not run at low rpms. Ive tried cleaning the carb, replacing the plug, I even threw a new voltage regulator/rectifier and battery in there. Now it will run ok at high rpms, but still rins rough at idle, and it sounds like it is miss firing (weak backfire) when winding down from high rpms to idle. I adjusted the idle up to about 2000 rpms, but the service manual says it should be lower. I dont want to burn my valves up by leaving it at too high of an idle, and its running so bad that I cant depend on it to start up if I take it anywhere. So, any ideas?
  3. dirtydualy350

    GY T-R stuff

    has anyone checked out the GY TR kick start conversion for the xt 225? Just curious if it is possible for a regular guy to install one or if it has to be a dealer install. Thanks
  4. dirtydualy350

    Yamaha xt225

    I have one and it is almost identical to a ttr 225. As far as I know, the only difference is in seat height. Their may be some suspension differences, but I am not sure. I would recommend checking that section out.
  5. dirtydualy350

    Weird electical problems on an XT 225. Any suggestions?

    Ok, heres an update. I got a service manual for it. I checked the resistance on the stator and it came back as 1. Spec is supossed to be 0.79 max. Is one on a digital multimeter the same as infinity on an analog? If so, would rewinding the stator still fix the problem, or will I have to shell out the 200 bucks for a new one? Thanks again for the help. I am pretty good with mechanical stuff, but I have minimal experience with electronics.
  6. Ive had this XT 225 for about 8 months and it always ran great. I put a new battery in about a month ago because the old one would not hold a charge. It ran fine on the new battery for a week or two. Then, on my way home from school I stopped to get gas. When I jumped back on and hit the starter, it refused to start. Eventually I drained the battery trying to start it. The bike never had problems starting before. I rode it all winter and that thing would start at 20 degrees. I called a buddy with a pickup and got it back to the house and put it on the charger. After charging all night, it started right up. I took it out for a test run, and it died out about a 1/2 mile later. It sounded like it was out of gas, but I had a full tank. I tried to restart and the starter would not turn over. It sounded like the battery was dead. I walked it back here, put it back on the charger, and bought myself a multimeter. This lead to an interesting discovery. I tried to start it up again to see how much voltage was going to the battery at about 5000 rpm, but it would not start. The starter motor would not turn over, and it acted like the battery was dead. When I put the multimeter to it, it said the battery had a charge of 12.4 V. So, now I am at a loss. Starter motor? But why would it die out while running? Charging system? Why no start with a full charge? Any suggestions on what to check next would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. dirtydualy350

    fork straightening?

    cool, thanks a bunch. sounds like ive got a nice weekend project lined up. I hope I can get it done friday night so i can go riding this weekend. thanks again
  8. dirtydualy350

    fork straightening?

    I was also wondering if the forks from a tt would work with an xt. there seems to be more of them available.
  9. dirtydualy350

    fork straightening?

    I had a little run in with a minivan on my xt225 this morning on my way to school. I am ok, but my bike is not. The guy hit me on my front fork, left side. The tube still compresses and comes back just fine, but the wheel is cocked off to one side. Now in order to ride a straight line, the bars have to be turned hard to the right. The guy didnt have any insurance, so I have to pay for repairs myself. I took it to the local yamaha dealer and he said he might be able to fix it with a wheel alignment, but it would cost 130 bucks, which seemed kinda pricey. Any suggestions or help would be apreciated?
  10. dirtydualy350

    91 dr350s mystery problem

    I pulled the carb yesterday and the problem was quite apparent. The needle had fallen into the jet! The e clip popped off the needle. So I ghetto rigged it up with some wire instead of the e clip. Now when I kick there seems to be a lack of compression. Could pull starting it with no gas in the cylinder have damaged the valves? Thats my next step. I have to wait for my buddy to get home to get to the bike in his garage.
  11. dirtydualy350

    91 dr350s mystery problem

    thanks for the help joe. have noticed that the oil does seem to be pretty thinned out and hard to see on the dip stick. I am going to take the afternoon off tomorrow to check it out. I will definatly post my findings.
  12. dirtydualy350

    91 dr350s mystery problem

    Thanks for the help. It feels like I am getting a solid compression stroke when kicking. Also, I can feel the air being pushed out of the cylinder through the spark plug hole, but I was wondering if there is a more scientific way of testing. I know its a high compression enigine, but I dont know exactly what the ratio is. I am going to pull the carb now and check it out. Hopefully the problem will become obvious. If that does not work out, I am again out of ideas. Valve adjustment maybe? I dont know.
  13. dirtydualy350

    91 dr350s mystery problem

    So heres the deal. After the normal 20 kicks to get her going, I went out for a nice ride on my 91 dr350s. I rode it hard for about 70 miles in the city of Chicago. The bike was running just fine. I parked at my buddies house for about and hour, then we decide to go have a wheelie contest. I go out and start kicking, and the thing refuses to start. I even tried to pull start it, with no success. I checked for the obvious issues, key on, gas on, spark, gas getting to the carb, still nothing. I pulled the float bowl off and cleaned out the main jet and got the pilot jet the best I could with the carb still on the bike. I replaced the plug which was a little fouled out. Still nothing. I cleaned the air filter really well, which was badly needed. That did not help either. I am about out of ideas. The thing has always been a bit of a hard starter, but this getting out of hand. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. P.S. The bike also smokes alot for the first 20 seconds after being started normally. I think it is just oil on top of the piston from kicking it so much, but it might be part of a different problem I don't know about. Maybe this will help in a diagnosis.