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  1. hey people ive just bought my son a ktm 50 sx mini 2010 model the things is like brand new ,is there anything that i should be looking out for that myt go wrong with it ,our local track is a sand track so over heating is one main conceern ...ta l2rr2l:ride:
  2. aaw259

    cheap safari tank

    does anyone know the best place to get a safari tank from:ride:
  3. aaw259

    repacking fmf slipon

    thank i finally got it off...l2rr2l
  4. i put a 49 nine on the back with a 13 front and i like it better i can hold 3rd longer on the shorter straights without having to go to 4th,also once i clip in to third off the starts it just takes off i only weigh 60kg though,i got a 52th on my spare wheel for hard pack tight stuff goes really good...l2rr2l
  5. aaw259

    repacking fmf slipon

    This will sound a bit stupid but which end is best to remove from a fmf power core for repacking.Ive tried undoing bouth ends but niether will come out im a bit stuck any help someone the must b aa trick to it..:ride:l2rr2l
  6. aaw259

    new valves for my 08

    hay guys n gals can anyone tell me can i put just 2 stainless intake valves in the head to replace the old 2 or do i have to change the exhaust as well,also do i need a heavier spring kit as well, also wats the best replacement valves besides oem....ta ....l2rr2l
  7. aaw259

    05 valve clearences

    any body know the clearences for a 05 450r...
  8. aaw259

    what is the top speed for a rmz 250?

    no were near as fast as my 09 450 there a 250 feel on steroids but easier to ride........
  9. aaw259

    04 valve clearences...

    anybody got the clearence specs for a 04/05 rmz 250 ...l2rr2l:ride:
  10. aaw259

    Any good advise on 05 RMZ250 would be welcome

    hay guys ive got a 04/05 in for a service u dont know wat the valve clearence specs are for it any help wood b good...l2rr2l
  11. aaw259

    08 tripple clamps

    does anyone know if the 07 top tripple clamp will fit on the 08 ....l2rr2l:ride:
  12. aaw259

    Picked up 08 RMZ450: EFI is cool!!

    got mine 2 weeks ago starts perfect u gota prime it up with 5 light kicks then one good kick,stallled in the middle of a race and itwent first kick,just changed the suspension to suit my weight im 60 kg and its the sweetest ride ever best bike ive owned ill never get another honda....L2RR2L
  13. aaw259

    08,09 RMZ450's

    ha ha thats funny i got 2 from 2 hloeshots in my first races aswell they were runaways,mine goes super hard as well like fiddy631 said its a 250 on steriods,getting the sepension done as well im 60kg an its bouncing me around like skippy the kangaroo,a young hot shot tokk it for a test ride and said he felt a lot a engine vibration in the pegs,i didnt notice it till he said it,anyho great bike buy one....l2rr2l
  14. aaw259

    REED on a suzuki photos

    Quit ya winging who cares wat he rides just appreacite how good he is on the track,A1 09 will be the best race ever these(reed and stwert) two should have their own race all sx season long ,just those two for 40min plus one lap races and well see whos the best id put my money on reed...l2rr2l
  15. aaw259

    All 06 rmz, kx or crf?

    take ya choice there all as good as each other , got the new rmz 450 lites as a crf 250...l2rr2l:ride: