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  1. Morning traffic, what a bear. Wish I could lane split on my motorcycle like in CA. Wait...

  2. Good workout, great meal, hot shower, watching #DividedStatesPBS, tweeting is alright!

  3. Mozz

    Ricky Stator Stator Assembly

    Nice upgrade for dual sport kit.
  4. Mozz

    Seat Concepts Seat

    Very comfortable but raises seat height about an inch I'd say. Can barely get both feet on the ground now! Nevertheless my arse appreciates it on longer hauls.
  5. Mozz

    Trail Tech Model Specific X2 Halogen Headlight

    Good to have.
  6. Mozz

    Clarke Mfg Gas Tank

    Nice 5 gallon tank for extra range. The tank is great, but when it's filled up the bike feels heavy off road. I usually just keep it at a half tank.
  7. Mozz

    Wiseco Top End Kit

    Just installed new valves, compression is high, can't keep the front wheel down anymore.
  8. Mozz

    Wiseco Complete Piston Kit

    Went a size over because cylinder wall was scratched up when I got her. Good value off of a seller on eBay.
    Sounds badass compared to the stock!
  9. Mozz

    Honda XR600R 1995

    Great enduro ride, can't beat the XR!
  10. Some say the west is won,I say it's almost lost.