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    Crf450x head on a Crf450r

    So to have mine rebuilt they were charging about $530. I bought the 2005 head for $400. Hind sight I probably should have just paid a bit extra and rebuilt it. if its going to be a pretty noticeable significant power difference,Im considering selling the 2005 head and getting mine rebuilt.
  2. JM25

    Crf450x head on a Crf450r

    Hey guys, So i have a 2008 Crf450r that needs a new head. I was told that 2002-2008 are all the same and so i bought a 2005 Crf450x head.It was cheaper than getting mine rebuilt. I didn't know it was for a x until after i bought it. Im told it will still fit my 2008 r and wont mess with the engine at all but the power delivery is different. Im now wondering if anyone knows if i will feel a significant difference in power if i did put the 2005 x on my 2008 r. And if so where would i notice it? Im primarily a track rider so im concerned that it will affect my straight aways, corner speed and jumps. Any advice would be appreciated