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  1. Recently traded my kx250 for a 2007 crf450r I got the bike and it wouldn't run right. It was so hard to kick over I could stand on the kickstarter and it wouldn't budge. I took the camshaft cover off and I noticed the decompression weight wasn't going in all the way when the cam sprocket is completely tightened. But as soon as I loosened it up it would work right. I figured the sprocket was worn out so I bought a new one installed it and the same thing happened. I have no idea what's wrong and I need help! Any tips or ideas would be a great help to me
  2. 98kx2501998

    1998 kx250 clutch problems

    I'll try that and see what happens
  3. 98kx2501998

    1998 kx250 clutch problems

    It's like when I pull in my clutch lever it doesn't engage the clutch but it pulls like it should but doesn't release
  4. 98kx2501998

    1998 kx250 clutch problems

    I have a 98 kx250 the clutch has been messing up after I rebuilt my top and bottom end. When I first bought the bike the engine was completely trashed. The piston was blown and the bottom end was locked up. I rebuilt it all. But now my clutch is weird. When I try to engage the clutch it doesn't engage and it will eventually work. But while I was riding today the clutch would not engage or disengage. I don't know what is wrong with it.