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  1. FlyingBob

    TM Motorcycles in the USA

    Stock suspension or reworked? I'm needing Ohlins valving work on an 07 450EN. Thanks
  2. FlyingBob

    VOR's and Honda's

    Almost rode mine today! Didn't want to get it dirty so I rode the TM... Hope all is well up north! Ride safe.
  3. FlyingBob

    Kentucky Hare Scramble 6-21

    www.kyharescramble.com Western Kentucky Parkway exit 94. Go South on Highway 79, towards Morgantown, for 9 miles. Turn left at/on Highway 340. There will be a Fire Station with a big parking area there. Immediately turn left onto Hayward-Embry road. It's almost like a U-turn from Hwy 79. If you have a long trailer you can maneuver in the Fire Station parking lot. Follow the road about 1/2 mile to the race course! See you there. From Cincinnati; I-71 to I-65 to Exit 91 head west on WK Pkwy to exit 94 Lexington; BG Pkwy to I-65, Exit 91 head west on WK Pkwy to exit 94. Looks like about 20-22 minute lap times for Pro-AA riders. Trail is in great shape.
  4. FlyingBob

    harescrambles ~~ky & south in

    Try www.kyharescramble.com
  5. FlyingBob

    up to date events for Ky,

    also www.kyharescramble.com
  6. FlyingBob

    tm racing & MotoXspeed

    Does anyone have an update on the US distributorship of TM parts? I'm needing some stuff and don't get a return call... I always received excellent service and response until I called about 2 weeks ago...
  7. FlyingBob

    How many VOR owners are out here?

    2001 400 v-cross. As new!
  8. FlyingBob

    tm clutch, tm or will honda work

    Anyone have more information on this? Thanks
  9. FlyingBob

    What's up with TM and the USA?

    Call motoxspeed and ask! 770-977-5171 I get everything I need there...
  10. FlyingBob

    Korhs Race April 26th

    And who are you trying to fool, Champ!
  11. FlyingBob

    Korhs Race April 26th

    FYI - This race is on private property with all new trails cut for the race! Rocks? On a scale 1-10, it a 1. Hills? Yep, there are a few! We do it a bit differently that the OMA set-up. Each class starts on it own row! Check out the classes link on our homepage. www.kyharescramble.com
  12. FlyingBob

    Blue Bling!

    Was this a motard to start with or did you lace up new rims? I want to do this to my enduro 450 & lower the suspension. Thanks.
  13. FlyingBob

    KY Harescramble (Saddleback, Bedford, Ky)

  14. FlyingBob

    Any racing in Ohio?

    www.kyharescramble.com Quite a few Cincinnati racers do the series.
  15. FlyingBob

    Bike Comparison TE450 vs FSE450 both 05

    Maybe it was because I was in week 4 or 5 of the 3rd time I broke my wrist, but I just couldn't ride the 02 VOR worth a darn! Guy I sold it to suffered a broken engine about a month later! Karma says stay away! TE has been a great bike but the 08...wow.