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    Future of Sport ATV Racing with limited 450 options.

    I hear what you are saying mlatour. However, I never really felt that there was a huge contingent of MX quad guys anyways. That very well could be my ignorance on the ATVmx side of things, but I would make the assumption that the general makeup of ATV racers would be more along the lines of 75% GNCC style racing and 25% track racing. Under that thinking, I don't think that MX tracks banning ATV's would affect the market to the point where manufacturers no longer offer new bikes. I would think that there would still be a larger contingent of ATV guys who are off-road racing that would jump to pick up a new Honda TRX450 built with Honda's new motor they put out, or a redesigned Suzuki ltz450. It's strange to me that these big manufactures let one of their competitors stand alone in the market.
  2. Hi All, Looking at the current ATV offroad racing world, the 450 class still leads the way. With Yamaha being the only manufacturer currently offering a 450cc sport racing ATV, how long till racing starts taking a hit. I haven't heard any rumors of any of the other manufacturers getting back into the game. Without an influx of new technology and new ATV's to purchase, I feel that its only a matter of time until the big series' (GNCC) start taking a hit. There are only so many 450's out there and keeping them up and running especially for the rough running of an offroad series seems like it would be a losing battle. Props to Yamaha for keeping the segment alive for now. It just bothers me when there is literally only one player if you want to buy a new machine. Do you guys feel that sport ATV racing is on the way out? Do you guys anticipate a rebound with manufactures getting back into the field? Is it just a matter of time till sport ATV racing is done, and everything has moved onto SXS racing?
  3. I've just begun my journey in the world of dirtbiking.  I grew up an avid ATV rider and have been racing ATV's for awhile.  I decided to purchase my first dirtbike in 2017 and have started the learning process!

  4. sentinelshockey22

    Distance from OEM before revalve

    Hi guys, I have just recently purchased my first dirtbike (2017 te300) and being a larger man (6'2" 270lbs) I am in need of some stiffer suspension. I am going to be talking to some local companies, but I know that they are going to suggest a new re-valve along with the stiffer springs and probably a full service. My question to you all is this, Is there a rule of thumb about how many spring rates you can go from stock without really hurting your suspension. I know going with really stiff springs will most likely put way to much pressure on the valving. Just trying to figure out the most effective/cheapest way to have a decent ride without breaking the bank. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.
  5. sentinelshockey22

    Big and tall guy looking at the 300RR

    Hey everyone, I've been researching and re-researching the 300 two stroke class of bikes and keep coming back to the 300RR. I was also looking at the KTM 300 xc-w as well as the Husqvarna 300 te. I seem to have settled in my head on the 300rr but a few things keep nagging me, and not being able to drive the distance to a dealer to really sit and compare I'm going to elude to the "experts" here. I'm a 6'2" weighing around 280 lbs fully geared up. I plan on using the BYOB option to put the heavier springs on it and a few others, but where I am nervous is just the overall shortness of the bike. Is the 300RR going to feel to small while I'm on it. The KTM and Husqvarna are a full inch higher in ride height and ground clearance. That doesn't seem insignificant. How does the cockpit feel to all you guys who are tall and big? Is there anything you would recommend doing immediately in the BYOB, such as a different seat or something. Any feedback would be great. Thanks guys!