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  1. Justin Baker

    KTM junior carburetor upgrade

    Has anyone had any luck with upgrading the 14mm carb to an 19mm carb on the junior? Also what are some other things I can do for a little more power. Thank you 2001-2008 KTM junior
  2. I am looking to get more power from my kids' 50 pro junior. I've been told that a 19mm carburetor will be too much and he won't be able to keep the front wheel on the ground. I've been looking at the Tomar clutch but i've been told that the spacer that you have to use won't work because the rear brake lever will hit the clutch cover. I have a really good washer stack that hits hard and is very fast but it seems that this is not enough. I've been told to get a 1/4 turn throttle but I don't know. I am not in a position right now to buy anything newer right now so I'm just looking for a little more power. Thanks