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  1. Good news with a lucky twist of fate. I broke the clutch cable yesterday adjusting my Rekluse. Happy it happened at my house instead of the trail. It was probably due for replacement anyways... After pulling the cover, low and behold there was a Stealthy Flywheel weight looking right at me . I tried to see what weight it was, but the markings where worn. It looks pretty meaty. I plan on obviously replacing the clutch cable, but also retarding the timing this week.
  2. 2StrokeYardSale, The Rekluse was $150 used. Cdi was $200. Add $1700 for the bike which already had the suspension revalved and sprung for my weight. Include the Desert tank, new pipe, brush guards and the plastics that also came it. So far I like where my budget stands so far. After owning two KTM's, this is like shopping at the dollar store.
  3. I really appreciate all of the great suggestions. So far I have installed the Rekluse 2.0 and it alone has made the bike a lot easier to handle in the single track. I decided to splurge and get the 250x cdi unit. Once that is in, I will go from there... I can see a flywheel weight and the G2 throttle tamer as maybe my last actual purchases if even needed? As mentioned above, retarding the timing also. I do have the stock OEM pipe and that too is a option to reinstall. I am just wondering what the difference it will make vs. the Gnarly pipe that is currently on the bike?
  4. I appreciate all of the responses. This is actually my first 2-stroke race bike. I have owned 4-stroke KTM's in the past. I have ridden 2- stroke KTM's and I understand the hit. Granted the KTM's were more forgiving. This thing is a beast but I sense the potential as it does lug with good throttle and clutch control. However, I know what the potential this bike has in store for me if I get lazy or make a mistake The transmission gears are stock and the pipe is a Gnarly with a FMF Turbocore. Sorry for the confusion. Is the 250x CDI a easy install and where is the location on my year bike? 2003 yz250. I will look into the g2 throttle tamer. And lastly, what does the Suzuki needle bring to the table. Thanks again.
  5. I just picked up a very clean example for $1700. The bike came with both the stock tank and a Clark 3.1 tank, 18" rear, 13-50 gearing, very recent top end, Gnarly Muffler with FMF pipe, hand guards and new Bridgestone Intermediate tires. In its current state- the bike is a rocket machine and is very throttle sensitive/twichy. It is not confidence inspiring for tight trail riding. I just purchased a Rekluse Exp 2.0 for $250 and plan on procuring a 250x CDI to help tame the twitchy feeling. Is this good enough or would you folks recommend a flywheel weight or 250x head or? I really would like to keep my cost at a minimum.