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  1. Thanks I resolved. The idle adjustment screw had backed off somehow during the swap.
  2. Hi I had a Chinese 125cc ohv engine. It had some euro 2 standard device setup. There was an air pipe going from the carburetor intake manifold insulator to that euro 2 device. I swapped the engine with a water cooled 200cc Ohv bit that engine doesn't have that euro setup. Now if I use that pz27 carb with this 200cc engine it would only start of that nozzle on insulator is left open. If I close it engine will shut off. If it's closed and I try to start engine it won't start. But if it's left open it's sucking air and mixing it with the air/fuel mixture already meter by carb won't that lean it? It might injest water or dirt. It's that little black nozzle on the carb.
  3. Hi I have 1p54fmi. No spark problem. Checked the resistance of primary side of ignition coil its 0.6ohm. Secondary coil resistance is 4.7k ohm. Stator high tension coil resistance is 425ohm. And when I connect the red/black wire from stator to the case and kick I get a spark which is not as strong as one would get from the secondary side of the ignition coil. But I suspect that a spark from the ac charging wire to cdi means high tension coil is ok? Resistance of the pulsar coil is 135ohm. I have a spare cdi from cg125 and that has two connectors (one 4pin second 2 pin). Whereas my stock cdi is 6 single pin ( actually 5 pin as the place for 6th pin is empty). So I cut wires and found an adapter for the 2pin cdi and wired it according to color code. And tried that cdi too but no spark. What does above mean? What is good what is faulty? Regards Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. chamjisky

    No oil flow to intake rocker arm ducar dj 154fmi

    Yes ex is first to receive oil. I installed oil take off plate that intercepts oil flow and reroutes oil flow through external radiator. Their want any pressure and oil wasn't climbing any higher the few inches. I have split replaced oil filter screen will test someday.
  5. Hi I have this Chinese 124cc (54x54mm) engine. There is very no oil flow to intake rocker arm. But the exhaust valve rocker cover has plenty. I checked the plate on the head and no oil Gallery was blocked. Then I installed oil takeoff plate and installed some 8 inches of transparent pipe to see of oil is flowing I observed that though there was oil but no pressure and it didn't climb 3 inches in the transparent pipe. I wanted to diagnose the oil pump but when I saw the oil strainer screen it was totally clogged as shown in attached pictures. I wanted to check the oil pump too but in doing so I stripped one of the Phillips head screw. While impact screw driver is on the way. What is your expert opinion on this no oil flow to intake rocker arm issue? Could it be pump or just replacing oil screen will resolve the issue. I do not want to strip more screws as I m not good at opening these Phillips head screws. Regards
  6. Thanks for the link. But Its the water assembly that I m struggling with. Any Chinese water cooled engine manual will work.
  7. Engine says 163FML. It's water cooled. 200cc (approximately 63mm bore 62mm stroke as I don't have caliper to measure precisely)
  8. Will appreciate if someone can share the pdf. Need to stroll through it to resolve an issue that I m facing in it. Milky engine oil which is due to oil mixing with water.
  9. Hi I need any technical documentation for above engines. I have this 200cc water cooled ohv cg replica push rod model. But documents for any ohv or even ohc water cooled will work. Omthe engine says 163FML.