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  1. jrawg3

    Brake fluid disappearing...

    A few months back I was on a ride that started with brakes, but halfway through they were gone and I had no fluid. I took it to a shop, there were no leaks, they filled it up and they worked fine. I went on a ride around the fourth and the brakes worked fine. Tonight I took it on a quick spin and I had no brakes. Again, no sign of leakage. What's going on?
  2. jrawg3

    New valves/shim size

    I should have my head with new intake valves back on Monday. When I go to reinstall everything do I have to make my best guess with the shim size and then measure and reinstall new shims if needed? Or is there a certain size that you use when you put a new intake valves?
  3. I am new to riding and took my 2006 crf450x in to the shop to be serviced. I am told that my intake valves are done and its time to replace them. This shop is saying that when you replace your intake valves you should also put in a new piston. I would like to get your opinion on this. What risk am I taking if I don't do the piston? Thanks!