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  1. Hi, I am new to the forum and live in both Dallas and Florissant, CO. Florissant is about 35 miles west of Colorado Springs. I have a pasture that is a flood plane and millions of years ago was a lake bed. I have surface water, but the bigger obstacle is very dark, wet, clay and mud. It's smelly and the pasture has been untouched. Im planning on reseeding it but it'll take awhile. It's about 5 acres. I've been stuck there many times. A tractor goes all the way to the platform So, I want to mow those wet areas. Probably will just leave the real yukky areas. I decided to buy an atv/utv with tracks. I am deciding between a john deere 825i (2014) or a 2009 Polaris Sportsman 850 eft. The better deal for me is the Polaris, but I want what will work. I have a tow behind mower.. So need a workhorse and a reliable machine. I don't want to spend 15,000. Unfortunately I will never make much, if any, money off the pasture but I want to leave it better thjan I found it. Thanks much. Beth