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  1. 7raptor

    2018 FX350 First Ride!

    Factory Rockstar Husky runs the 6 hole triangle airbox mod on Anderson and Osborns bikes...
  2. Got seat, guards for both discs,swingarm guard, and arc levers in the mail.
  3. 7raptor

    2018 FX350 First Ride!

    Did a hard enduro in deep mud with lots of technical hill clmimbs the other day. Used the traction control. Was very satisfied.
  4. 7raptor

    TigerTanker's Bike Build Thread FE450 & FX350

    I’m in love with my FX350
  5. Time Left: 25 days and 22 hours

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    Came on my new bike, I don't want it. $100


    Los Angeles, California - US

  6. 7raptor

    2018 FX350 First Ride!

    Thanks for the input. Sag is at 103.
  7. 7raptor

    2018 FX350 First Ride!

    Rode my new 2018 FX350 on Friday in SoCal @ Hungry Valley SVRA aka Gorman. There had been a lot of rain and a lot of the usual trails were closed down, so I got to ride a lot fo varied terrain. It ranged from wet sand, sticky dirt, mud, deep puddles/flooded whoop sections, and some ice and snow. I'm a novice rider (2 seasons), which was 40 hours on a mapped 2015 YZ250FX. Loved the bike!!! Very, very powerful, obviously a way different beast than the 250FX. Rode the entire time on Map 1, FMF Titanium Pipe with Spark Arrestor. Very confidence inspiring in nasty rutted out hillclimbs and descended washed out hills very smoothly. Amazing how big the wheelies were when I blipped the throttle over small whoops! Tried to keep both tires on the ground as I was riding solo. Did 2.5 hours consisting of laps up and down the sand riverbeds and then rode a lot of single track. Boy was I TIRED! Handling was great, felt more precise, yet forgiving, than the 250FX. I really liked it on hillclimbs where I would have had the 250 wrung out, this thing just ate it up fast and steady. Didn't seem to mind any of the ice/snow/mud. Only thing I didn't like was I felt the front end washed out too easily in the deep sandy corners, I think I'll be adding a stabilizer. Mods coming: Rekluse Slave ARC Levers (in case) Front X-disc guard Rear shark fin Acerbis skid plate Six holes in the left fender panel for the airbox to breathe.
  8. DUDE YOU'RE RIPPING IN THAT VIDEO!!! Where in BC are you located, and where was that ride? I spend a lot of time in Revelstoke.
  9. Time Left: 20 days and 13 hours

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    Acerbis X-Seat came with my new 2018 Husky FX 350...Its the Yellow model...$100 takes her.


    Malibu, California - US

  10. 7raptor

    Aftermarket Seat 2018 FX350

    Thanks for all the awesome input everyone! My Buddy is giving me a stock seat from his FE501, and I ordered a Seatconcepts comfort 2.0...will report back with how I like them!
  11. FMF Titanium pipe is on. Next step is an aftermarket seat...torn between Seatconcepts Comfort 2.0 and the Race 2.0...
  12. 7raptor

    2018 FX350 Deals?

    Lucas @ Bert's blew everyone out of the water on price - it was worth the drive. Call and ask for him - he really did an amazing job for me.
  13. 7raptor

    Aftermarket Seat 2018 FX350

    Is the comfort seat wider than the stock seat?
  14. 7raptor

    Aftermarket Seat 2018 FX350

    Looks great! Unfortunately the dealer doesn't have the stock seat so I have to order a complete seat...stuck between a Seatconcepts Comfort 2.0 or a Race 2.0 complete seat...just want to make sure I can easily get forward on the tank in the corners and stay there without sliding back. I had a comfort "low" seat on my YZ250FX and I always felt like I was slipping backwards.