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  1. This can get confusing... Springs come in a rate. The rate reflects the additive force required to compress the spring by a defined distance. For example 5Nm per cm. Compression and rebound adjustments adjust the SPEED at which the suspension compress and rebound. You can turn the clickers all you want, you will not effect an undersprung fork or shock. The compression stack itself defines where in the stroke the speed will change. The clickers allow minor changes to the speed defined by the stack. With an undersprung suspension you’re chasing yourself in circles trying to fix a problem through the clickers. You need to adjust the rate, not the speed, that the suspension moves.
  2. Gary in NJ

    Do I need to adjust my suspensions overtime?

    Any spring sag over time - and we are talking decades - would be well within the range of the preload. No, the forks should not shorten over time. The two things I would check are: 1) open the forks and look for a broken spring. Perhaps the preload spacers are pvc and one cracked. But if the forks are now shorter, something has failed, or 2) make sure that the forks haven't raised in the triple clamps. If they were flush two years ago...are they flush now?
  3. Test each leg of the stator, each should make no less than 60VAC at 3,000 rpm.
  4. Gary in NJ

    DRZ / KLR 400


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    These radiators are off my 2001 KLR400 and will fit a DRZ400E as well. They are in very good shape and are nice and straight. Removed for a cooling system modification, so I no longer need them. Review the inlets/outlets in the photo closely to make sure they will fit your bike because some early DRZ/KLR used different cooling schemes. Sold as a pair for $60 shipped in the US. Payment via paypal.


    - US

  5. Gary in NJ

    Downshift technique

    Another thing... If you are willing to learn the technique of "backing it in", then you must also be willing to learn the pain of what a high-side feels like. Backing it in is best learned in the dirt on an MX bike. High-sides f'in hurt.
  6. Gary in NJ

    Downshift technique

    You are getting chatter because you are allowing the engine to go to idle before releasing the clutch. As you slow through the turn, and with a few fingers on the front break lever, blip the throttle just before releasing the clutch. That should clear the chatter.
  7. Gary in NJ

    Drz 400e Only runs with choke on

    It’s not air leaks, but vacuum leaks you want to eliminate. Start the bike, allow it to warm up, and then spray carb cleaner in the area of the carb/cylinder boot. If the idle changes, you have a leak. Needing the choke to get the bike to run is a sign of a lean mixture. Since you say you have cleaned all of the passages and jets, we can move on from that. Have you checked the float height? What is the condition of the needle jet? Does it appear worn? Have you tried raising the needle one position?
  8. Gary in NJ

    Help identifying particles in oil

    I really enjoyed following this thread. Great detective work jj
  9. Gary in NJ

    Raptor Petcock on a DRZ fit? Yes, No and Yes & No

    T H A N K Y O U Erik. I've been searching for a reverse barb fuel valve for my DRZ Street Tracker project for a year. Little did I know that I already owned the correct part. I'll barb-swap as soon as I can. All parts are available on amazon: LTWFITTING Lead Free 90 Deg Elbow Brass Barb Fitting 5/16" Hose Barb x 1/8" Male NPT @ $8.99 (5 pack) Legines Brass Pipe Fitting, Hex Drive Countersunk Plug, Internal Hex Socket Plug, 1/8" NPT Male @ $6.99 (Pack of 2) 21/64 Drill Bit 1/8-27 NPT Tap Combo @ $11.58 https://www.amazon.com/Century-Drill-Tool-93201-Combo/dp/B0797JWQ1R
  10. Fill the bars with bb's and use bar end weights.
  11. Gary in NJ

    Chain length question

    If you safety wire the clip on the master link it will never come loose.
  12. Gary in NJ

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    To have a good time on any dirtbike, you have to ride it like you stole it. If you are apprehensive about going over a rocky or rutted section because you are afraid of falling - you will fall. Look where you want to go and open the throttle. A lighter front tire, and speed, will take you over/ through/ around/ up just about everything. Fear=Falling. You have to let loose and enjoy the ride.
  13. Gary in NJ

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    The DRZ does a lot of things, but none of them better than a purpose built bike. It can be a track day bike (SM), but no where near was well as a purpose built supermoto or super sport. It can be a good trail bike, but it’s no KTM/WR. If you need a plated dirt bike it’s a great budget choice. It can be built into a specialized bike too. But off the showroom floor, it’s not great in any one area. It’s a $6,000 bike that needs another $2-$4k to finish it.
  14. What is the mating connector?
  15. Gary in NJ

    DRZ400SM issue with second new stator

    I would conduct EVERY step of Noble's procedure. Start with a fully charged battery, then check the diodes of the R/R, then check the continuity at the stator, then check the continuity of the harness/connectors and then the VAC. Here's my thought, two stators - same problem - then it's NOT the stator. It's something else.