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  1. Gary in NJ

    front suspensions? what do you guys use?

    There aren't any front shocks on the DRZ, they're forks.
  2. Or, a prior owner/mechanic actually used a roll pin, which not surprisingly failed.
  3. An aluminum or steel pulled (pop) rivet has a hollow core for the pin (or nail) to move through. Not saying that's what this photo is, but it looks as much like a rivet as all of the suggested internal parts. My guess is the magnetic plug picked up something after it was removed from the bike.
  4. It has a rivet look to me as well. Question for the OP, is it possible that the object was picked up on the LAST oil change when you placed the drain plug on the ground or workbench? Maybe it;s not from the bike at all. Is it possible that you put it in that position/place?
  5. Gary in NJ

    Raptor petcock for drz400

    A plug/cap from the autoparts store will work just fine. I "think" it's 5/16"
  6. Gary in NJ


    If you have a welder and welding skills, you can fit any engine you like. If not, the stock engine mounts work only with a DRZ engine.
  7. Gary in NJ

    18" or 19" front wheel?

    Wow that's a crazy looking drz. Any details on the build?
  8. Gary in NJ

    18" or 19" front wheel?

    My DRZ no longer looks like a DRZ. The photo was taken before I installed a front fender (street bike style). Right now it's all torn apart for powder coating, paint and suspension lowering. On the front I went with a 2.50 to use for a 110/90 section front (I did this for looks, otherwise I'd use a 100) and at the rear I used a 3.50 for use with a 130/80.
  9. Gary in NJ

    18" or 19" front wheel?

  10. Gary in NJ

    18" or 19" front wheel?

    I’m running 18/18 on my Street Tracker DRZ. Since a few OEMs have gone 18/18 there is now decent street rubber in those sizes.
  11. Gary in NJ

    Why do I keep going through rear wheel bearing?

    I would drive them with a press. If you don't have access to a press, a vice can be used.
  12. Gary in NJ

    Why do I keep going through rear wheel bearing?

    Are you using a press to install the bearing or driving with a dead-blow hammer?
  13. Gary in NJ

    Forks/front wheel bounce at high speed

    Of course. The wheel should only have a few thousandths of hop (up and down motion) and side-to-side play when mounted in a stand. Any more can be felt. As far as balancing, dirt rims aren't balanced unless they are used on dual-sport bike.
  14. OK, you are referring to this stack: 24.1 (15x) 22.1 20.1 18.1 16.1 14.15 12.2 15 - valve base diameter (actually a bit less, because of rounded edge)
  15. What is this marek b base valve that you speak of? I did a google search and got nothing.